What flavors do mooncakes come in?

What flavors do mooncakes come in?

The Top 10 Mooncakes in China — Delicious Chinese/Western Flavors

  • Five Kernel and Roast Pork. Five kernel and roast pork mooncakes.
  • Red Bean Paste.
  • Lotus Seed Paste.
  • Snow Skin.
  • Vegetable and Fruit.
  • Chocolate.
  • Green Tea.
  • Ice Cream.

Do mooncakes have different flavors?

Mooncake, a kind of pastry, is a popular festival food in China for Mid-Autumn Festival. Because of the different materials, especially the fillings, mooncakes come in many flavors, basically sweet or salty.

What is the best moon cake flavor?

5 Most Popular Mooncake Flavors in China

  • 1 Lotus Seed Paste with Salted Egg Yolks 莲蓉蛋黄 When salted duck egg yolk is surrounded by a thick layer of lotus seed paste, magic happens.
  • 2 Red Bean Paste 红豆沙
  • 3 Green Tea 绿茶
  • 4 Cream Cheese 奶酪芝士
  • 5 Five Nuts 五仁

How many types of mooncakes are there?

In China, traditional mooncakes are classified into 4 types depending on the origin, sales volume and features: Cantonese-style, Beijing-style, Suzhou-style, and Chaoshan-style.

What is the most famous filling of mooncakes?

Lotus seed paste
Lotus seed paste (蓮蓉, lían róng): Considered by some to be the original and most luxurious mooncake filling, lotus paste filling is found in all types of mooncakes. White lotus paste commands an even higher premium. Due to the high price of lotus paste, white kidney bean paste is sometimes used as a filler.

Does Hmart sell mooncakes?

Hmart now presents a collection of fresh items that are perfect as gifts, from the traditional Cantonese mooncake boxes to the popular Green Tea flavor mooncake, giving you the chance to send your blessings to your friends and family.

Is Hopia and mooncake the same?

Hopias are characterised by its flaky skin and stuffed with mung bean paste. The Hopia mooncakes are relatively flat when compared to the Cantonese mooncakes. Also known as crystal mooncakes, the skin – made from roasted glutinous rice flour – is delicate and bears an uncanny resemblance to a soft, chewy mochi.

What is the most popular mooncake flavor in China?

Wuren Mooncake is a typical and popular mooncake flavor in China. Though Chinese young people don’t like it very much, Wuren mooncake is much welcomed by the old. 2. Red Bean Mooncake Sweet red bean mooncake has always been a classic type that many people prefer.

What does mooncake taste like?

Fruit mooncake blends the taste of fruit. The sweet but not greasy taste is loved by many people. The fillings is usually added with the freshest fruits like strawberry, orange, peach, and pineapple. The durian mooncake is the popular fruit mooncake flavor in recent years.

What are the most popular mooncake fillings?

The unique taste makes this mooncake popular. The fresh lotus seeds paste or red bean paste are the most common combinations for mooncake fillings with egg yolks. 5. Snow Skin Mooncake Snow skin mooncake is a new mooncake flavor in recent years.

What are the ingredients in Cantonese mooncakes?

Cantonese-style mooncakes originate from Southeast China’s Guangdong Province. The ingredients used in the fillings are various. The most used ingredients include lotus seed paste, melon seed paste, ham, chicken, duck, roast pork, mushrooms, and egg yolks. Cantonese-style mooncakes taste sweet.