What episode does Shikamaru and Temari?

What episode does Shikamaru and Temari?

Temari to Shikamaru, answering his date invitation – Naruto Shippuden Episode 493: “Be prepared.

What episode does Temari saves shikamaru from tayuya?

Episode 64: Temari battles Shikamaru for the first time and Shikamaru forfeits, baffling Temari. Episode 125: Temari saves Shikamaru from Tayuya and he states Temari is scary like his mom. But when she smiles at him and asks about his thoughts, he smiles back.

Is Temari a kunoichi?

Temari Nara (奈良テマリ, Nara Temari) is a former kunoichi of Sunagakure’s Kazekage clan. After marrying Shikamaru Nara, she becomes a member of the Nara clan and emigrates to Konohagakure, where she works as a kunoichi for the village.

Who does Temari have a crush on?

Shikamaru and Temari have that special, indefinable quality known to the common man as chemistry. These two start flirting with their very first words to each other and just never stop.

Is Temari stronger than Shikamaru?

Shikamaru is smarter but Temari faster, stronger and has far destructive attacks.. Shikamaru was still a chunnin after timeskip. Temari was a chunnin, kage bodyguard and sub-commander of an crew in 4th Great Ninja War.

Does Temari like Shikamaru?

Romance doesn’t get a lot of attention in the Naruto franchise, but Shikamaru and Temari are a fan favorite couple for a reason. Eventually, Temari even moves to Konohagakure to marry Shikamaru and the two have a son.

Why did Shikamaru lose to Temari?

Shikamaru’s stated his reason for forfeiting the match was he was low on chakra. Shikamaru also stated that he had planned a battle plan many steps ahead of where he had ensnared Temari.

How did Temari beat tayuya?

Tayuya fighting Shikamaru. Tayuya killed by Temari. Temari, however, arrived at the last second, and blew her away with a strong gust of wind. She then tried to use her genjutsu, but Temari blew the sound-waves away and damaged her flute.

Who is the cruelest Kunoichi?

Temari is known as the cruelest of the kunoichi, but she does have a caring side and is not above showing concern for others. She seems to value peace, as she questioned the reasoning of starting a war with Konoha in Part I.

Who is the weakest Kunoichi in Naruto?

Why Hinata is the weakest kunoichi.

  • 1) Sakura Haruno: 26 points (source)
  • 2) Hinata Hyüga: 21.5 points (source)
  • 3) Ino Yamanaka: 21 points (source)
  • 4) Tenten: 20.5 points (source)

Who married Kiba?

The Couple KibaTama (キバタマ KibaTama) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kiba Inuzuka and Tamaki.

Who is Sai’s wife?

Ino Yamanaka

It is revealed in the final chapter that Sai and Ino are married and have a son named Inojin Yamanaka. Sai is the only known male character in the series to take on his spouse’s surname upon marriage.