What does the arabinose operon produce?

What does the arabinose operon produce?

The arabinose operon encodes three proteins—AraB, AraA, and AraD—that are required for Escherichia coli to utilize the sugar arabinose. These genes are not normally expressed in E. coli. However, when arabinose is present in the environment, the three Ara proteins are produced.

How is the arabinose operon turned on?

Expression of the araBAD operon is activated in the absence of glucose and in the presence of arabinose. When arabinose is present, both AraC and CAP work together and function as activators.

What feature of the arabinose operon is particularly unique?

The mechanism of riboswitch regulation involves short ribonucleotide sequence elements that are capable of binding with small molecule ligands. Which feature of the arabinose operon is particularly unusual? It is an inducible operon in which the same regulatory protein can exert both positive and negative control.

What is arabinose an example of?

License. Arabinose is an aldopentose – a monosaccharide containing five carbon atoms, and including an aldehyde (CHO) functional group.

Is arabinose an inducible operon?

The ara operon is an inducible operon that controls the production of the sugar arabinose. When arabinose is present in a bacterium it binds to the protein AraC, and the complex binds to the initiator site to promote transcription.

How does arabinose control gene expression at the molecular level?

When arabinose is present, araC relaxes the DNA configuration so that transcription can occur, but when this carbohydrate is absent, the same protein constrains the DNA to reduce its ability to bind with RNA polymerase.

How does arabinose turn on GFP?

In the presence of arabinose, the AraC protein promotes the binding of RNA polymerase to the promoter, which causes transcription of the GFP gene into messenger RNA (mRNA), followed by the translation of this mRNA into GFP.

What arabinose means?

Arabinose is an aldopentose – a monosaccharide containing five carbon atoms, and including an aldehyde (CHO) functional group. For biosynthetic reasons, most saccharides are almost always more abundant in nature as the “D”-form, or structurally analogous to D-glyceraldehyde.

What is the structure of arabinose?


PubChem CID 66308
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula C5H10O5
Synonyms D-(-)-Arabinose 10323-20-3 DL-Arabinose (2S,3R,4R)-2,3,4,5-tetrahydroxypentanal Arabinose, D- More…
Molecular Weight 150.13

What type of operon is the arabinose operon?

ara operon
The L-arabinose operon, also called ara operon, is a gene sequence encoding enzymes needed for the catabolism of arabinose to xylulose 5-phosphate, an intermediate of the pentose phosphate pathway. It has both positive and negative regulation. The operon is found in Escherichia coli (E. coli).

How is arabinose operon different from other operons?

While lac operon is usually negatively regulated, ara operon is both positively and negatively regulated, depending on circumstances. Although lacI mutants cause the lac operon to be expressed constitutively, araC mutants do not.

How does arabinose affect gene regulation and expression in bacteria?

What is the regulatory gene for the arabinose operon?

Regulatory gene The ara-C is the only regulatory gene in the arabinose operon. The ara-C gene encodes the Ara C protein that acts as a repressor. The Ara C protein regulates the arabinose operon both positively and negatively.

What is the function of L-arabinose protein?

Functioni. This protein controls the expression of at least six genes that are involved in the transport and catabolism of L-arabinose. It regulates initiation of transcription of the araBAD operon and it also controls its own synthesis. The L-arabinose operon displays both positive and negative regulation through AraC.

What are the positive control components of the araBAD operon?

Maximal expression of the araBAD operon requires two positive control components: the araC protein-L-arabinose complex and the cyclic AMP receptor protein-cyclic AMP complex. Both araC prote … The L-arabinose operon in Escherichia coli is a model system for the study of the control of gene expression.

How does AraC work in the absence of arabinose?

In the absence of arabinose, AraC binds to the araO2 and araI1 half-sites in the promoter region of the araBAD operon, leading to the formation of a DNA loop that blocks access of RNA polymerase to the promoter.