What does tail end of something mean?

What does tail end of something mean?

1 : the concluding period the tail end of the session. 2 : buttocks, rump. 3 : the hindmost end.

Is tail end an idiom?

tail end (of something) I fell off the horse and landed right on my tail end. 2. The last or concluding part, portion, or period of something.

What is the tail end called?

appendage, behind, butt end, buttocks, conclusion, empennage, end, extremity, fag end, posterior, rear, rear end, rump, stub, tag end, tailpiece, tush, wagger.

What does tail mean in slang?

7a : buttocks, butt. b slang, vulgar : sexual intercourse. 8 : retinue. 9 : the back, last, lower, or inferior part of something. 10 : tailing sense 1 —usually used in plural.

What is tail end spend management?

Tail end spend – also called long tail, or low value spend – is the 20% of spend that typically goes unmanaged within an organisation. This 20% tends to be spread across multiple spend categories and via a large number of low value transactions with numerous suppliers, many of which are used very infrequently.

What’s the opposite of tail end?

What is the opposite of tail end?

front anterior
frontal frontward
frontwards vanward
obverse ventral

What’s your rear end?

An example of rear end is your buttocks. (slang) The buttocks. noun. Of a vehicle, to strike (another vehicle) from behind.

What is a fancy word for end?

conclusion, termination, ending, finish, close, resolution, climax, finale, culmination, denouement. epilogue, coda, peroration. informal wind-up.

What is the opposite of tail end?

What is a tail girl?

Definition of tail-female : the maternal ancestral line especially of a thoroughbred horse.

What is a tail man?

: the male ancestral line especially of a thoroughbred horse.

What are tail spends?

Tail spend is often defined as the money a company spends on purchases that account for roughly 80% of total transactions, which makes up about 20% of the company’s spend by volume. These purchases are often too small to go through procurement and are not frequent enough to be included in cataloged systems.

What is a tail end?

tail end. 1. The rear or hindmost part, as in Douglas was at the tail end of the academic procession. [Mid-1700s] 2. The very end, the conclusion, as in Only at the tail end of his speech did he thank his sponsors.

What does “end tailed” mean?

Noun: 1. tail end – the time of the last part of something; “the fag end of this crisis-ridden century”; “the tail of the storm”

Is tail a noun?

tail(Noun) An object or part thereof resembling a tail in shape, such as the thongs on a cat-o’-nine-tails or other multi-tail whip. tail(Noun) The rear structure of an aircraft, the empennage. tail(Noun) Specifically, the visible stream of dust and gases blown from a comet by the solar wind.