What does PDEF mean in football?

What does PDEF mean in football?

• BKTD: If a player picks up a blocked kick and returns for a TD. • PDEF: Pass Defended (Player defends a pass to cause and incompletion)

What does comb mean in football?

Comb in football statistics is short for combined tackles. When counting combined tackles you take the total of assisted tackles plus solo tackles.

What does C mean in football?

PASSING STATISTICS. CMP or CP – Completions. ATT or AT – Attempts. PCT or CMP% – Percentage of completed passes (Completions divided by pass attempts) YDS – Passing yards.

What does tot mean in football?

Football Glossary

Stat Abbreviations
Abbreviation Definition
Tot Total
XP Extra Point
XPA Extra Point Attempt

What does tot TD mean?

This stands for total, and is often used for quarterbacks. The app may say your quarterback has “3 TOT” which means your quarterback has a total of three touchdowns. It combines rushing and passing touchdowns to give you the “TOT” number of touchdowns, which is the combined number of touchdowns for a specific player.

What does Pbu mean in football?

Pass break up
Pass break up, a gridiron football statistic for passes that are tipped or batted incomplete by the defense without an interception.

What does PDF stand for in football?

Pro Football Focus – Wikipedia.

What does CAM mean in football?

Central Attacking Midfielder
Be the better footballer: Central Attacking Midfielder.

What does car mean in football?

CAR: Carries. DL: Defensive Lineman. DPOY: Defensive Player of the Year. F: Fumble or could be used for “final”

What is PA in fantasy football?

Points Against Rank
PA Rank: Points Against Rank, used in fantasy football to rank defenses based on the average number of points allowed per game. The lower the number, the better (e.g. PA Rank 1st means that defense allows fewer points to be scored than a defense with PA Rank 3rd).

What does RZ mean in fantasy football?

The acronym RZ in fantasy football means that a player is in the redzone. When a player has the RZ acronym beside their name it means that their offense is inside their opponent’s twenty yard line. When a player has this designation it does not necessarily mean that they are on the field.