What does it mean when my electronic throttle control light comes on?

What does it mean when my electronic throttle control light comes on?

The most common causes of an electronic throttle control light are a faulty throttle control sensor or a faulty throttle accelerator pedal position sensor.

How do I reset the electronic throttle control on my Jeep Compass?

Resetting your electronic throttle control manually can be a tricky job. First, make sure the accelerator pedal is fully released. Next, turn the ignition on and then turn it off and wait for ten seconds. During these ten seconds, be sure the throttle valve is moving by listening for a sound of operation.

How much does it cost to fix electronic throttle control?

The average for Electronic Throttle Control is $581

Repair Type Zip Cost
Electronic Throttle Control 2702 $834
Electronic Throttle Control 96724 $716
Electronic Throttle Control 91642 $1050
Electronic Throttle Control 3939 $398

How do you know if your electronic throttle control is bad?

Rather than moving a cable, ETC uses sensors to inform the ECM of the position of the gas pedal, and when it fails, symptoms can be severe. Some of these include sudden idle surges and engine stalling, an engine light that flashes intermittently, or a massive drop in mileage.

Can I drive with the throttle control warning light on?

Normal Operation of the Throttle Control Light If any of the lights are flashing, it’s alright – as long as they turn off after a few seconds. At this point, your vehicle is running a system check, and everything is perfectly normal.

What are some of the 2007 Jeep Compass throttle control problems?

The contact owns a 2007 Jeep Compass fwd. The contact stated that the electronic throttle control warning light would illuminate intermittently. The vehicle would not respond to acceleration attempts and would stall sporadically, without warning. The failure recurred on three occasions. The dealer was unable to diagnose the failure.

What does the throttle control light mean on a Jeep Wrangler?

This might be a result of a change in fuel economy. The electronic throttle control light jeep wrangler or other modern vehicles will come on when there is an issue with your throttle control. If the light comes on and off, there is nothing to worry about. The light usually resembles a lightning bolt with a reserved parenthesis on either side.

What are some of the problems with the Jeep Compass?

Other Common Vehicle Speed Control related problems of Jeep Compass Problem Category Number of Problems Vehicle Speed Control problems 103 Throttle Control Warning Light On proble 17 Car Accelerates On Its Own problems 5 Cruise Control problems 4

What are the symptoms of a bad electronic throttle control?

While the most visible symptom of a faulty electronic throttle control is a check engine light or an electronic throttle control light, some performance concerns will crop up as well. It’s because of these performance concerns that you can’t just ignore the light and hope for the best.