What does E3 mean on a Englander pellet stove?

What does E3 mean on a Englander pellet stove?

E3 means the stove is shutting down because you are over the high temperature limit. A couple of things you should look at: 1) Make sure that you are running your convection blower at a number higher than your feed rate. Ideally, keep the blower at 9 for the most efficiency.

Why does my Englander pellet stove keep shutting off?

This problem is most likely caused by a bad or weak blower exhaust, poor air adjustments, or an uncleaned/neglected pellet stove.

What is code for a pellet stove?

You must have 16 inches of clearance between the stove’s top to combustible materials and 3 inches of space from the stove’s vent. There should be no combustibles, such as doors or drapes, within 36 inches of the front or sides of the stove.

How do I reset my Englander pellet stove?

Press the “Off” button on the control panel to turn the pellet stove off if it is running. Unplug the cord and plug it back in. This clears the control board.

How do you troubleshoot a pellet stove?


  1. Check the electricity source. There’s only one moving part to a pellet stove–the motor–so determine whether power is getting to that unit.
  2. Remove the motor.
  3. Check out the fan blades.
  4. Reset the motor.
  5. Clean off the fan blades.
  6. Reinstall the fan motor using your screwdriver.
  7. Fix the feeder.

Why is my pellet stove going out?

A pellet stove that keeps going out can be a sign that the quality of the pellets being used is too low, the burn pot is clogged up with pellets and/or ash, the auger is blocked or isn’t feeding pellets quick enough to the fire, or the air supply inlet is blocked. The fire isn’t receiving enough air.

What is the e1 code on a New Englander pellet stove?

Vacuum Loss
E-1 (Vacuum Loss) Pellet stoves require a clean “un-resisted” flow of combustion air to perform safely and efficiently. The E-1 code is for vacuum loss; it happens when the flow of exhaust is not sufficient to hold the “flue blockage” switch closed.

How do you test a control board on an Englander pellet stove?

Perform a hard control board reset.

  1. Shut off stove, and allow to cool off completely.
  2. Unplug stove, and after a few seconds plug back in….within 3-4 seconds, press all 3 bottom buttons at the same time, and let go.
  3. “F-5” should appear in the display. Allow the display to go blank.
  4. Re-start stove.

Why would a pellet stove stop feeding pellets?

A pellet stove that’s not feeding pellets can be a sign that the hopper needs filling up with pellets, the auger is jammed, the auger motor has failed, or the air inlet is blocked. Clean the stove thoroughly and if the stove still isn’t feeding pellets then professional help be required.

What does E1 mean on an Englander pellet stove?

Code “E-1” is not in general use on the Englander pellet stove and, if it should be displayed, will be a false code readout that will require the assistance of the technical support team. If the control panel displays code “E-0,” this means that the machine is working normally.

What do the error codes mean on a pellet stove?

Error codes are alpha-numeric codes that appear on the control board and indicate a fault within your pellet stove. Code “E-2” indicates a failure to light, code “E-3” is known as over-firing and indicates that the exhaust temperature has been exceeded and code “E-4” signifies a drop in exhaust temperature.

How do I Keep my Englander pellet stove clean?

The Englander pellet stove is a traditional wood pellet burning stove. Keeping your Englander pellet stove clean and free from ash build-up is one of the keys to efficient working of the stove. Allowing ash to build up in your stove will reduce the efficiency of the unit and hamper the airflow and can also cause smoke backup.

Who makes engenglander pellet stoves?

Englander pellet stoves are freestanding pellet burning stoves that can be maintained by the average homeowner. England’s Stove Works, the manufacturer, provides comprehensive manuals and troubleshooting guides for pellet stoves, as well as a dedicated technical support line. The Englander pellet stove is a traditional wood pellet burning stove.