What does DWEB mean?

What does DWEB mean?

dweb is an abbreviation meaning decentralized or distributed web, both an explicit use of the existing web in a decentralized manner as originally intended (such as the IndieWeb community / protocols / projects), and also encompassing new decentralized web approaches such as replacements for HTTP and DNS.

What is another word for dweeb?

What is another word for dweeb?

blockhead idiot
dolt dullard
simpleton twit
doofus dork
moron oaf

What does Donkeywork mean?

Definition of donkeywork : monotonous and routine work : drudgery.

Where does the term nerd come from?

According to Online Etymology Dictionary, the word is an alteration of the 1940s term “nert” (meaning “stupid or crazy person”), which is in itself an alteration of “nut” (nutcase). The term was popularized in the 1970s by its heavy use in the sitcom Happy Days.

What does turned turtle mean?

turn upside down
Capsize, turn upside down, as in When they collided, the car turned turtle. This expression alludes to the helplessness of a turtle turned on its back, where its shell can no longer protect it. [

What does finger in the pie mean?

Definition of have a finger in a/the/every pie : to have an interest or share in something a sharp talent agent who has a finger in nearly every pie in show business.

Who came up with the name nerd?

Seuss is the true originator of nerd and that the word nerd (“comically unpleasant creature”) was picked up by the six-year-olds of 1950 and quickly passed on to their older siblings, who restricted and specified the meaning to the most comically obnoxious creature of their own class, a “square.” Others claim that …

What is the meaning of Dweeb?

US, informal : a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish hair, clothes, etc. See the full definition for dweeb in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is the original meaning of dweed?

The original spelling of the word was ‘D-W-E-E-D’ and was meant to be a shortened form of dickweed. By using the word dweed, they were able to call their classmates derogatory terms in front of teachers with no repercussions.

What is a dweeb mug?

Get a dweeb mug for your Uncle James. Get the dweeb neck gaiter and mug. This word was accidentally created circa 1973 by a group of high-school students at a northern Indiana school. The original spelling of the word was ‘D-W-E-E-D’ and was meant to be a shortened form of dickweed.