What does Cleaner mean in slang?

What does Cleaner mean in slang?

A fixer who disposes of bodies or “cleans up” physical evidence of crime is often more specifically called a cleaner. …

What does calling someone clean mean?

“Clean” as a euphemism or slang for “HIV-negative” is stigmatizing and outrageous.

What is another name for a cleaner?

What is another word for cleaner?

janitor caretaker
custodian curator
groundskeeper super
superintendent sweeper
maintenance man cleaning person

What does the phrase taken to the cleaners mean?

Definition of take to the cleaners informal. : to deprive (someone) of a large amount of money or possessions “… I’ll tell you one thing, though: I’m glad I wasn’t paying for it. Kid, they’ll take you to the cleaners. …”—

What does clean girl mean?

a woman employed to do general cleaning in a house, office, hotel, or the like.

What does clean me up mean?

vb adv. 1 to rid (something) of dirt, filth, or other impurities. 2 to make (someone or something) orderly or presentable.

What does easy to clean mean?

Something that is clean is free from dirt or unwanted marks. If you clean something or clean dirt off it, you make it free from dirt and unwanted marks, for example by washing or wiping it. If something cleans easily, it is easy to clean.

What is the verb of clean?

1[transitive, intransitive] clean (something) to make something free from dirt or dust by washing or rubbing it to clean the windows/bathroom/floor to clean a woundThe villa is cleaned twice a week. I spent all day cooking and cleaning. see dry-clean, spring-cleaning.

What are cleaning ladies called?

Words related to cleaning woman charwoman, cleaning lady, daily, housecleaner, housekeeper, housemaid, maid, maidservant.

What is the correct term for a cleaner?

Janitor, caretaker, or custodian could also be used, but those jobs tend to be broader in scope than just cleaning: maintenance and other aspects of looking after a building can also be included.

Where did the phrase taken to the cleaners come from?

The phrase take to the cleaners most probably evolved from an older idiom, to clean someone out, meaning to strip him of his money. Take to the cleaners came into use when dry cleaning establishments began to crop up in the 1920s. Related phrases are takes to the cleaners, took to the cleaners, taking to the cleaners.

What is female cleaner?

noun. a woman employed to sweep, mop, dust, or do general cleaning in a house, office, hotel, or the like. Also called cleaning lady.

What is an All-Purpose Cleaner?

Well, in short, an all-purpose cleaner is designed to be used on many different surfaces and for a variety of cleaning tasks around the house. There is, actually, no ‘standard’ set of ingredients for these types of cleaners, but they usually act as either a disinfectant, detergent, de-greaser, or solvent or a combination of some or all of those.

What is the meaning of all-purpose?

Definition of all-purpose : suited for many purposes or uses Synonyms & Antonyms for all-purpose

What does a clean cleaner do?

Cleaners will get rid of evidence like bodies, blood, weapons, fingerprints, and even witnesses in order to hide the proof or notion of the crime — or, they will ‘dress up’ the crimescene to mislead authorities. For example, they could make it appear like a break-in gone bad, an act of self defense, a fire, etc.

What is the best all purpose cleaner at Walmart?

Best Budget Green: Method All-Purpose Cleaner at Walmart. “With simple ingredients from plants, Method can tackle a variety of nonporous surfaces.”. Best Long Term: Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner at Walmart. “This formula keeps killing germs for up to 24 hours after you clean,”. Best Tough: Mr. Clean Liquid Multi-Purpose Cleaner