What does a cash reconciliation specialist do?

What does a cash reconciliation specialist do?

A cash reconciliation specialist reviews each financial transaction and ensures the accuracy of accounts for a company.

What is a reconciliation specialist?

Reconciliation Specialists are accounting experts responsible for preparing general ledger reconciliations for a financial institution. Holding an Accounting degree is crucial for this position.

What is cash reconciliation?

A cash reconciliation is the process of verifying the amount of cash in a cash register as of the close of business. Using individual cash and receipts in the cash register, summarize on the form the amount of receipts by cash, check, coupon, and credit cards.

How much does a bank reconciliation specialist make?

The national average salary for a Bank Reconciliation Specialist is $53,463 in United States.

What is reconciliation role?

Reconciliation is an accounting process that ensures that the actual amount of money spent matches the amount shown leaving an account at the end of a fiscal period. Individuals and businesses perform reconciliation at regular intervals to check for errors or fraudulent activity.

What is a reconciliation clerk?

Perform verification and reconciliation of accounts. Reconcile and rectify customer ledger accounts. Reconcile accounts receivable records with sales invoices. Maintain regular contacts with internal and external customers.

How do you do cash reconciliation?

The Reconciliation Process

  1. Compare internal cash register to the bank statement.
  2. Identify payments recorded in the internal cash register and not in the bank statement (and vice-versa)
  3. Confirm that cash receipts and deposits are recorded in the cash register and bank statement.
  4. Watch out for bank errors.

How much does a reconciliation specialist make at Aflac?

The salary starts at $56,239 per year and goes up to $111,097 per year for the highest level of seniority.

What are reconciliation skills?

Reconciliation is an accounting process that compares two sets of records to check that figures are correct and in agreement. Reconciliation also confirms that accounts in the general ledger are consistent, accurate, and complete.

What is reconciliation job?

ROLE OUTLINE: Typcally reporting to the Financial Accountant or Finance Manager, the Reconciliation Officer helps the business to reconcile transactions across the general ledger and sub-ledgers together with other key accounts.

What is a reconciliation processor?

The Reconciliation Processor is responsible for reconciling branch settlement to the system inventory report and validating the two totals to our customer’s book balance. This position functions in an armed environment. Key Responsibilities: Maintain archive tracking system ensuring policy guidelines.