What do you mean by episodic?

What do you mean by episodic?

Definition of episodic 1 : made up of separate especially loosely connected episodes. 2 : having the form of an episode. 3 : of or limited in duration or significance to a particular episode : temporary may be able to establish whether the sea-floor spreading is continuous or episodic— A. I. Hammond.

What is the opposite of episodic?

Antonyms: predictable, permanent, united, lasting. Synonyms: occasional(a), occasional, casual, periodic.

What does episodic mean in music?

EH-pih-sode. [English] An element found in music that is a digression from the main structure of the composition. It is a passage that is not a part of the main theme groups of a composition, but is an ornamental or constructive section added to the main elements of the composition.

Is Episodic an adjective?

EPISODIC (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is SpongeBob episodic?

SpongeBob is an episodic show without any kind of big story, so canon and strong continunity aren’t the focus of SpongeBob.

What does sematic mean?

serving as a warning of danger
Definition of sematic : serving as a warning of danger —used of conspicuous colors of a poisonous or noxious animal.

What is another name for episodic?

Episodic Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for episodic?

sporadic irregular
spasmodic intermittent
erratic fitful
occasional unsteady
aperiodic discontinuous

What is the difference between serial and episodic?

“Episodic” suggests self-contained stories about the same characters. “Serialized” suggests a story that takes several installments to tell. The 1995 Pride and Prejudice was a serial based on Jane Austen’s novel. Hornblower, set during the same era, was a series of self-contained episodes about C.S.

What is episodic form in dance?

Episodic (in relation to sectional structures/form) A series of sections presented by the choreographer. The sections can be self- contained but when put together will illuminate the overarching theme of the choreographed work.

What does episodic mean in psychology?

Episodic memory is defined as the ability to recall and mentally reexperience specific episodes from one’s personal past and is contrasted with semantic memory that includes memory for generic, context-free knowledge.

Are cartoons episodic?

However, there are also cartoons, such as SpongeBob, that are episodic. In these shows, the world resets after every episode as if nothing in the previous episode seemed to have happened.

What is a serialized cartoon?

Serialization (or. series with story arcs spread across multiple episodes) are rare in children’s. television for precisely this reason. Networks can rerun episodes out of order. and the effect on the audience is imperceptible.

What is an episodic video game?

(February 2017) An episodic video game is a video game of a shorter length that is commercially released as an installment to a continuous and larger series. Episodic games differ from conventional video games in that they often contain less content but are developed on a more frequent basis.

What is the synonym of episodic?

Synonyms for episodic. periodical, serial, serialized. 2 lacking in steadiness or regularity of occurrence. malaria is characterized by episodic attacks of chills and fever that coincide with mass destruction of blood cells. Synonyms for episodic. aperiodic,

What is an episodic event in HVAC?

What Is an Episodic Event? Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQGs) and Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) need to monitor the volume of hazardous waste their facilities generate each month to make sure that they do not exceed allowed limits.

What is episodic change?

Episodic change reinvents institutional patterns so as to break with prevailing customs and procedures. We focus in this article on incremental change, but our framework also sheds light on cases of episodic change. The scenario is episodic, where during each episode agents elect to stay in place or randomly move to a new congregation.