What did Jenneke do?

What did Jenneke do?

Back in 2012, Michelle Jenneke grabbed the attention of everyone after her warm-up dance went viral online. Likewise, Jenneke is also a silver medalist at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, including the gold at the 2016 Australian Championships 100-m hurdles; it led her to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games.

How Fast Is Michelle Jenneke?

Specializing in the 100-meter hurdles, Jenneke won a silver medal at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, became the second-fastest female hurdler in Australian history after she posted a time of 12.82 seconds in 2015, and eventually qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics by winning the Australian National Championships in …

What ethnicity is Michelle Jenneke?

Michelle Jenneke

Personal information
Nickname(s) Shelly
Nationality Australian
Born 23 June 1993 Kenthurst, New South Wales, Australia
Height 172 cm (5 ft 8 in)

Is Sally Pearson retired?

August 5, 2019
Sally Pearson/Career end

Where did Sally Pearson grow up?

Athletic career. Sally Pearson was born in Sydney and moved to Birdsville, Queensland when she was eight years old, before eventually settling on the Gold Coast.

How tall is Sally Pearson?

5′ 6″
Sally Pearson/Height

When did Sally Pearson get married?

In 2008, Sally exchanged the engagement ring with High School mate, Kieran Pearson. Later in 2010, Sally married Kieran Pearson in April 2010.

Is Sally Pearson married?

Kieran Pearsonm. 2010
Sally Pearson/Spouse

In late 2008 she became engaged to Kieran Pearson, the pair having been together since their senior year at Helensvale State High School on Queensland’s Gold Coast. In April 2010 they married on the Gold Coast, and had their honeymoon in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

Is Sally Pearson a mum?

Sally Pearson is revelling in her new life as a mother. The Olympic gold medallist gave birth to daughter Ruby Elizabeth in July and, in a new video, she says becoming a mother changed her world completely.

How old is Sally Pearson?

35 years (September 19, 1986)
Sally Pearson/Age