What did Christina Aguilera say about Britney?

What did Christina Aguilera say about Britney?

“To a woman who has worked under conditions and pressure unimaginable to most, I promise you she deserves all of the freedom possible to live her happiest life,” continued Aguilera. “My heart goes out to Britney. She deserves all the TRUE love and support in the world.”

Why are they saying free Britney?

Wholeheartedly convinced that the singer herself also wants to be free from the legal binding, fans launched the #FreeBritney movement, utilizing social media to bring awareness to the discrepancies surrounding the conservatorship.

Can Britney Sue?

Sue those who controlled her life. Free Britney supporters celebrate in Los Angeles after hearing the conservatorship has ended. She now has control over her checkbook and her uterus. Penny terminating the pop star’s high-profile, nearly 14-year conservatorship, Britney Spears can sue her parents.

What is Christina Aguilera’s ethnicity?

Christina María Aguilera was born in Staten Island, New York City on December 18, 1980, the eldest of two daughters to musician Shelly Loraine Kearns (née Fidler) and United States Army soldier Fausto Xavier Aguilera. Her father was born in Ecuador, and her mother has German, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch ancestry.

Are Christina and Britney friends?

“They obviously aren’t close friends with each other anymore, but they still hold a history with each other that Christina feels she should still protect,” an insider told HollywoodLife. The source continued: “Now Christina would like to have a private chat with Britney to settle some issues that still clearly lie.”

What does save Britney mean?

The #FreeBritney or #SaveBritney hashtags came about as a means to allow the star to be free of the alleged conservatorship as fans claim she can’t do a number of day-to-day things without ‘permission’.

Who is Britney’s conservator now?

Mr. Rosengart requested last month that a certified public accountant in California, Jason Rubin, be named conservator of Ms. Spears’s estate.

What’s happening with Britney’s conservatorship?

LOS ANGELES — A California judge on Friday ended the conservatorship over Britney Spears, a 13-year arrangement that had granted her father and others almost total control over the pop singer’s personal life and finances.

What language does Christina Aguilera speak?

EnglishChristina Aguilera / LanguagesEnglish is a West Germanic language of the Indo-European language family, originally spoken by the inhabitants of early medieval England. Wikipedia

What movies and TV shows has Christina Aguilera been in?

Beyond her music career, Aguilera starred in the film Burlesque (2010) and has been featured as a coach on six seasons of the reality competition television series The Voice since 2011.

What nationality is Christina Aguilera’s father?

Her father was born in Ecuador, and her mother has German, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch ancestry. Her family moved frequently because of her father’s military service, and lived in places including New Jersey, Texas, New York, and Japan. Aguilera stated that her father was physically and emotionally abusive.

Where does Christina Aguilera rank on the All Time list?

Aguilera ranked at number 58 on Rolling Stone ‘ s list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time in 2008, and was included on Time ‘ s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2013. With estimated sales of 75 million records, she is one of the world’s best-selling music artists .

What artists have been inspired by Christina Aguilera?

Aguilera’s works have earned her numerous awards and accolades, including five Grammy Awards. Several notable artists have noted that they were inspired by Aguilera, including Ariana Grande, Tinashe, Lady Gaga and Sam Smith, among others.