What can IMR 4831 be used for?

What can IMR 4831 be used for?

Available for use in many reloading applications, the IMR series of powder is trusted by reloaders all across the globe. IMR 4831 has a slightly slower burn speed than IMR 4350. IMR 4831 gives top velocities and performance with heavier bullets in medium-sized magnums.

What can I load with IMR 4064?

IMR 4064 is a medium-range burn speed powder and is one of the most versatile propellant in the IMR line, used for 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift, 6mm Remington, 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum, 308 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum, and the list goes on and on. Versatility with uniformity and accuracy.

Is IMR 4064 a good powder?

IMR 4064 is renowned for being the most multi-purpose powder in the IMR department. Dependably receiving high user ratings, IMR 4064 performs exceptionally well in the 223, 22-250 and 6mm Remington, 308 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum, 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum.

What can you load with IMR 3031?

A medium burn speed propellant with many uses, IMR 3031 has long been a favorite of 308 Match shooters using 168-grain match bullets. It is equally effective in small-capacity varmint cartridges from 223 Remington to 22-250 Remington, and it’s a great 30-30 Winchester powder.

Is IMR 4895 a good powder?

Originally a military powder featured in the 30-06, IMR 4895 is extremely versatile as a medium burn speed propellant. From the 17 Remington to the 243 Winchester to the 375 H&H Magnum, accuracy and performance are excellent. In addition, it is a longtime favorite of Match shooters.

What can you load with IMR 4320?

IMR describes IMR 4320 as follows: “Short granulation, easy metering, and perfect for the 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 250 Savage and other medium burn rate cartridges.” This older-generation powder is considerably more temp sensitive than the Hodgdon Extreme propellants, but in the right application, it looks to …

How many grains are in a pound of powder?

7,000 grains
One pound of gunpowder has 7,000 grains of powder no matter which type of powder you are using.

What powder is closest to imr3031?

Varget, imr-4064, cfe223 are all good options.

What is IMR powder used for?

IMR Legendary Powders is a line of smokeless powders which are popularly used in sporting and military/police firearm cartridges. The initials ‘IMR’ stand for Improved Military Rifle powder.

What is extruded powder?

In hot extrusion, powder mixture is pre-compacted (‘canned’) by heat compression until all air has been removed. The sealed can is then rammed by a punch, until it adopts the shape of the die. Compacting pressure causes long sections of material to extrude from a small opening in the base of the die.

How many grains of powder are in a 45 ACP?

The standard-issue, military .45 ACP cartridge contains a 230-grain bullet that travels at approximately 830 feet per second (253 m/s) when fired from the government-issue M1911A1 pistol, and approximately 950 feet per second (290 m/s) fired from the Thompson M1A1 submachine gun.

What calibers can you load with IMR 4350?

IMR 4350 is primarily used for the newest short magnum cartridges in the industry but also used for silhouette shooting. Also for magnums with light to medium bullet weights, IMR 4350 is the best choice.