What can I turn my entertainment center into?

What can I turn my entertainment center into?

Then, have glass cut to fit and place it on top of the desk, said Schamante, whose biggest expense was the glass.

  • New look for TV wall.
  • Betty’s bar.
  • Abbie’s pantry.
  • Garage treasure.
  • Office organizer.
  • Sewing center.
  • Scrapbooking center.
  • Bonus room organizer.

How do you cover the back of an entertainment center?

Cover it with contact paper or tape it down with duct tape. Measure the back of the center and cut fabric or wallpaper to fit. Use one piece without seams for the best effect. Spray the contact paper with adhesive spray and press the fabric or wallpaper to it.

How do you disassemble an entertainment center?

Disassemble the entertainment center

  1. Remove the doors – If your entertainment center has doors, remove them first.
  2. Take the shelves apart – The next piece to disassemble is the interior shelves.
  3. Loosen the corners to take the sides apart – Carefully lay the entertainment center onto a moving blanket on the floor.

Can you cut an armoire in half?

With a little adjustment, the armoire rests on each of the tailgates, allowing enough room to make a nice cut allowing the armoire to be in two pieces, and more easily managed. Although the top half of the armoire is still large, it too is more manageable.

What else can a TV unit be used for?

An old TV stand can be used to store items in your kitchen or storeroom. Most kitchens have a lot of gadgets and cookware just stored here and there. Use the television stand as a rack for keeping things organized. This way, your kitchen will be kept in order and the table will also be re-purposed.

How do you hide wires behind a entertainment center?

Screw Hooks, Cable Tacks, Cable Trays & Sleeves Cable tacks allow you to neatly attach your cords to the back of your entertainment center, to keep them orderly and out of sight. You can also use cable trays; they attach under or behind your entertainment center, and form a shelf through which you can run your cords.

What is the board on the back of furniture called?

Particle board, also known as chipboard, is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips or jutestick chips and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded.

How do you move a glass entertainment center?

Wrap the furniture in moving blankets and secure with tape. Make sure to cover all sharp edges. If your entertainment center has glass front doors, tape a piece of cardboard over the glass on top of the moving blankets for added protection.

How do I protect my TV stand when moving?

Use Furniture Pads (or towels or sheets) to fill any empty spaces you see in between the top of the box and the TV. This will keep the TV securely in place and prevent it from shifting too much during your move. Use Box Tape to securely connect the outer and inner sections of the box.

How do you refurbish an old TV cabinet?

How To Restore An Old TV Cabinet

  1. Clean the cabinet. Remove all grime, dust or dirt from the corners and seams.
  2. Inspect the TV cabinet thoroughly.
  3. Remove the old varnish or paint.
  4. Seal the wood and then stain it.
  5. Apply a finish.

What can I do with an old entertainment center?

One way of repurposing your old entertainment center is to turn in into an extra pantry. Mine is filled with pasta, pasta sauce, canned goods, flour, sugar, cake mixes, jams, and peanut butter. I get these items occasionally on sale at very good prices. My extra pantry helps me be more creative with my cooking.

How can I repurpose an old headboard?

Repurpose an old headboard into an entertainment center! With a little paint and sawing off the bottom this is an entirely new piece of furniture! Now we’ll add some baskets underneath for additional storage & to cover the cords. Repurpose an old headboard into an entertainment center!

Can you turn an entertainment center into a bench?

Entertainment Center to Bench is a Beautiful Job! found on Pinterest…credited to FB, Kathy Benne! Depending on the starting shape of your entertainment center, you can cut it down for a different outcome. Like this one, with a small elevated area to hold a lamp or decorative element.

How can I make my entertainment center look stylish?

With a few pretty simple steps, you can take that entertainment center from tall and tippy to short and stylish. From a simple hall or entry bench, suitable for storage and beautiful to boot: Entertainment Center to Bench is a Beautiful Job! found on Pinterest…credited to FB, Kathy Benne!