What are Torlon Balls?

What are Torlon Balls?

Torlon is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers. Torlon balls are used for high-strength, wear-resistant ball bearings. These balls are excellent for High-Load Recirculating Ball Bearings. The Automotive industry favors these balls for their Check Balls for 4-Wheel Drive Transmissions.

What material is Torlon?

PAI (polyamide-imide) is a melt-processable plastic that has exceptional physical and chemical properties. It performs well under severe stress conditions at continuous temperatures as high as 500° F. Torlon® is an amorphous material with a Tg (glass transition temperature) of 537° F.

Who manufactures Torlon?

Torlon® is an engineered thermoplastic manufactured by Quadrant Engineering. It is a high performance compound that exhibits high thermal endurance, excellent high heat capacity, high dimensional stability, low creep, and resistance to most chemicals. It performs well at continuous temperatures up to 500°F.

Is torlon machinable?

TORLON 4203 PAI can be used for a variety of applications but due to its good electrical properties, it is commonly machined for electronic equipment manufacturing, valve seals, bearings and temperature test sockets.

What is torlon used for?

Torlon is used frequently as a seal ring in transmissions due to its high strength and resistance to deformation. It’s commonly found in automotive transmissions as a replacement for metal rings, which would score mating surfaces. It also has excellent insulating properties for use in electrical service.

Is torlon a thermoplastic?

Torlon® polyamide-imide (PAI) is the highest performing, melt-processable thermoplastic. The amorphous polymer has exceptional resistance to wear, creep and chemicals and performs well under severe service conditions up to 260°C (500°F).

Is torlon a thermoset?

Torlon® polyamide-imide is recognized as the highest performance thermoplastic that is still melt processible. Its exceptional properties are the result of being transformed from a thermoplastic to a cross-linked thermoset during an extended curing process*. …

How does a polyimide differ from a Polyamideimide?

The major difference between polyamide and polyimide is in their chemical structures; polyamide has the amide (-CONH-) linkages in their polymer backbone, while polyimide has imide group (-CO-N-OC-) in their polymer backbone.

Does Torlon absorb water?

Torlon, like most materials, absorbs water when saturated or placed in high humidity conditions. The grade and geometry of the part influences the rate of water pick up and the resultant growth. Glass and carbon fiber reinforced grades absorb less water than 4203. Many of the bearing grades absorb even less.

How do you cut a Torlon?

Band sawing is the preferred method of cutting Torlon shapes. It can be used for both straight and contoured cuts of plate in addition to rod and tubular bar. Saw blades should be chosen based on material thickness and precision and must have enough clearance to minimize heat build-up.

Does torlon absorb water?

What is polyimide used for?

Polyimides offer excellent mechanical properties and thus find use in applications that demand rugged organic materials, e.g. They are available for use as plastics, films, laminating resins, insulating coatings and high temperature structural adhesives. Polyimides exist in two formats: thermosetting and thermoplastic.

What are Torlon ball bearings used for?

Torlon® balls are used for high-strength, wear-resistant ball bearings. Excellent for High-Load Recirculating Ball Bearings. The durability of high-torque automatic transmissions was improved when Chrysler product development engineers specified Torlon® poly(amide-imide) resin for the check balls.

What kind of bearings do you use for boat traveller cars?

Small Boat Traveller Cars move freely, even under high non-vertical loads. Low-load dinghy cars use Delrin Bearings, while hi-load cars for large dinghies, keel boats and offshore boats to 27 ft (8m) use Torlon® balls to increase working load. Torlon balls provide maximum load carrying ability.

What is 4301 Pai Torlon?

Torlon® 4301 PAI is an amorphous thermoplastic called a polyamide-imide. It is an extruded grade of Torlon®. Torlon® is the highest performing melt processable plastic and has superior resistance to elevated temperatures.

What grade of Torlon is used for wear and friction?

Torlon® 4301 is the grade best suited for general purpose wear and friction parts. Torlon® 4301 contains 12% graphite powder and 3% PTFE, which gives the material a very low expansion rate, a low coefficient of friction, and little or no slip-stick while in use.