What are the top misspelled words?

What are the top misspelled words?

These are the 32 most commonly misspelled words, say grammar experts. How many can you get right?

  1. accommodate. Common misspellings: acommodate, accomodate.
  2. acknowledgment. Common misspelling: acknowledgement.
  3. acquire. Common misspelling: aquire.
  4. apparent.
  5. calendar.
  6. colleague.
  7. conscientious.
  8. consensus.

What are some confusing words to spell?

12 Confusing English Words And How To Spell Them Right

  • conscience (Wrong: conscence)
  • maintenance (maintainence)
  • recommend (reccommend, reccomend)
  • deductible (deductable)
  • weird (wierd)
  • accommodate (acommodate, accomodate)
  • pronunciation (pronounciation)
  • supersede (supercede)

What’s another word for misspelled?

•spell incorrectly (verb) Mispoint, vitiate, Miswrite, Mismark.

What is the most common misspelling?

The most common English misspellings

Correct spelling Spelling advice Common misspelling
across one c accross
aggressive, aggression two gs agressive, agression
apparently -ent not -ant apparantly
appearance ends with -ance appearence

What is a commonly confused word?

Here are a few of the most common pairs with correct definitions and examples: Accept / Except. Affect / Effect. A Lot / Alot. Allusion / Illusion.

What is the most commonly misused word?

10 Most Commonly Misused Words

  1. Accept versus Except: Accept is a verb meaning to receive while except is primarily a preposition meaning to exclude.
  2. Capital versus Capitol:
  3. Elicit versus Illicit:
  4. Emigrate versus Immigrate:
  5. Climatic versus Climactic:
  6. Principal versus Principle:
  7. Your versus You’re:
  8. Affect versus Effect:

What are common misspelled words?

The term ” commonly misspelled words ” (or sometimes, “common misspelled words”) is about words in English that are often spelled wrongly. In writing, some words are often misspelled, such as the wrong spelling “concensus” for “consensus” found in many webpages on the Internet.

Is bad spelling the most important issue in business?

But it’s actually one of the most problematic issues we deal with in the business world. Bad spelling can put a dent in your professional reputation. According to one survey, 43% of hiring managers automatically chuck a candidate’s resume if it has spelling errors.

What is the most common misspelling of indispensable?

Common misspelling: indispensible This is an “able” — and not an “ible” — ending word. There are some general rules about when to use which, but the problem with those rules is that there’s a lot…

How do you remember the most frequent misspellings?

The writer’s best defense is to take a good look at the most frequent misspellings and zero in on every letter in the word. Mastering a few at a time is a better way to approach the task than scanning long lists. Here are ten of the most frequent misspellings, their correct forms, and tips that may help you remember the differences. 1.