What are the longitudinal diameter of fetal skull?

What are the longitudinal diameter of fetal skull?

The greatest circumference of the head, which corresponds to the plane of the occipitofrontal diameter, averages 34.5 cm (13.6 in), a size too large to fit through the pelvis without flexion. The smallest circumference, corresponding to the plane of the suboccipitobregmatic diameter, is 32 cm (13 in).

What is the diameter of a skull?

The average skull thickness for men is 6.5 millimeters, and the average for women is 7.1 mm. The average front-to-back measurement is 176 mm for men and 171 mm for women, and the average width is 145 mm for men and 140 mm for women.

What is the Submentobregmatic diameter on the fetal head?

The widest diameter of the fetal head negotiating the pelvis is the trachelobregmatic or submentobregmatic diameter, which is 10.2 cm (0.7 cm larger than the suboccipitobregmatic diameter).

What is Mento vertical diameter?

Mento vertical: It is measured round the chin up to the vertex. It is found in partly extended head –(Brow) . It is the largest diameter of the fetal skull 38 cm.

What does OFD mean in ultrasound?

Fetal ultrasound measurements can include the crown-rump length (CRL), biparietal diameter (BPD), femur length (FL), head circumference (HC), occipitofrontal diameter (OFD), abdominal circumference (AC), and humerus length (HL), as well as calculation of the estimated fetal weight (EFW).

What is the fetal skull?

1. FETAL HEAD  The skull is made up of the base of skull and the vault or cranium. The vault is made of occipital bone posteriorly, the two parietals at the sides ,and the temporal bones and frontal bones anteriorly. These bones at birth are thin,easily compressible and joined by membrane.

What is OFD in fetal biometry?

Fetal biometric measurements were recorded: biparietal diameter (BPD), occipitofrontal diameter (OFD), head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference (AC) and femur length (FL).

Where is the Occipitofrontal diameter?

n. The diameter of the fetal head from the external occipital protuberance to the most prominent point of the frontal bone in the midline.

What is occipital frontal diameter?

The distance from the posterior fontanel to the root of the nose.

What is Submentobregmatic?

Submentobregmatic (9.5 cm), the presenting anteroposterior diameter in face presentations it extends from the junction of the neck and lower jaw to the center of the anterior fontanelle. 11.

What is a mento vertical diameter of fetal skull?