What are the different types of badges?

What are the different types of badges?

Classic metal buttons can be used as name badges or for promoting products, sales, or other messaging. Lanyard-style badges have endless uses and possibilities—from ID and security badges to tickets and passes to event keepsakes. Reusable badges come in a variety of different materials and customization options that create a world of possibilities.

Where can I get a blank name badge?

NameBadges.com is your destination for fully customized & professionally crafted name badges that create connections between employees and customers. Blank badge kits are perfect for businesses that use label makers or markers/pens to personalize name tags and badges.

What kind of badge holders does Baumgarten use?

Display name tags, visitor passes, and access cards with these Baumgarten’s SICURIX clear standard clip-style badge holders. Identify visitors and staff with these Avery clear landscape heavy-duty badge holders. Secure Top design prevents your name badge from falling out.

What kinds of badges does Staples carry?

Staples carries several types of badges, name tag holders and ID accessories from top brands such as Avery, ID Avenue, and C-Line to suit the needs of schools, event planners and businesses of every size.

Explore our range of premium badges made of metal or plastic, including classic event badges and acrylic glass badges complete with smag® magnets for name badges – the patented badgepoint® system that guarantees a professional appearance.

What are the benefits of a name badge?

For those working in the healthcare sector, it’s essential to wear a name badge in order to help build a personal contact with patients and clients. The main priority for badges in this area is that they should be functional and long-lasting.

How to choose the right fastener for your name badges?

Choose between a classic stainless steel snap lock pin, multi-purpose clip, practical lanyard or a high-quality, modern magnet fastener. You can pick your name badges to suit your individual requirements and combine them with the right type of fastening.