What are the best colors for smallmouth bass?

What are the best colors for smallmouth bass?

In my experience the best smallmouth bass fishing colors are: brown, green pumpkin, black, white, chartreuse and yellow. However, there are certain factors that should play a role in your color selection process such as water conditions, time of year, bass forage and light penetration.

What color jerkbait on cloudy day?

“The Ghost Chartreuse Herring is a killer color for clear water and bright days. It has a little bit of chartreuse on the bottom and it really stands out and is especially good for smallmouth,” says the Connecticut pro. Solid colors or those with flash are best for overcast days.

What does GP stand for in megabass?

“GP,” in this case, stands for “Guanium Phantom,” a subtle, softly reflective layer that is transparent when viewed from the side, but gives off a refined flash at angle. From there, as the water gets a tinge more stain, he’ll turn to models that are half transparent, half flash finishes.

What colors do smallmouth see?

Color is an obvious factor when choosing a lure. Let your experience be your guide, but listen to the science, too. Bass see colors as bright, green, red and dark—and that’s about it.

What colors are smallmouth bass?

The coloration of the smallmouth bass’ ctenoid scales range from golden-olive to dark brown dorsally which fades to a yellowish white ventrally with dark brown vertical bars or blotches along the body and dark brown horizontal bars on the head.

How do you fish a jerkbait?

Starts here6:396 Jerkbait Fishing Tips that Catch Bass – YouTubeYouTube

How do jerk baits work?

A jerkbait is a minnow-shaped lure that provides a horizontal presentation. A straight retrieve makes a jerkbait swim with a shimmying action. This catches fish, but where a jerk-bait shines is on a snap-pause retrieve, which gives it an erratic, darting action that drives bass wild.

What is a good bait for smallmouth bass?

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Baits Some of the most productive lures for stream smallmouth fishing are 1/4-ounce spinnerbaits and buzz baits. Soft plastic lures, such as spider-style plastic grubs (rigged on 1/8- to 1/4-ounce jigheads), tube baits, jerk baits and 6-inch plastic worms are also popular.

What are good smallmouth bass lures?

Top 6 Smallmouth Bass Lures

  • Blade Baits. Fishing blade baits for smallmouth is an excellent cold water technique, but can also be very effective during the warmer months too when fished differently.
  • Small Soft Plastics.
  • Jigs.
  • Jerkbaits.
  • Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits.
  • Topwater Lures.

What is a good size smallmouth bass?

SIZE: The length of smallmouth bass most commonly caught is between 12 and 16 in (30.5 cm to 40.6 cm).

Do jerkbaits work at night?

It’s actually a lot like fishing in the daytime. Crankbaits, jerkbaits and shaky heads can be used to pull fish from around lights with more natural color choices than you would expect to use in areas void of light. Rattles, scents and vibrating baits all up your chances of drawing a fish in at night.

Is a jerkbait topwater?

Designed to be used primarily as a topwater bait, the Spintail can also be twitched 2-3 feet under the surface and will rise head first during the pause just like a real minnow.

Which Megabass Ito vision should I buy?

Available in a wide range of colors, the Megabass Ito Vision 110 really excels when the water temps are between 38 and 70 degrees. During this time (especially from November to April in most U.S. waters), the Megabass Ito Vision 110 is an excellent choice for fishing points, flats, rocky banks, bluffs, and over underwater grass beds.

What is a Ito vision 110 Jerkbait?

Megabass designer Yuki Ito tirelessly crafted the original Ito Vision 110 jerkbait, looking for a unique enticing action in the bait that the angler could impart to tempt bass in a variety of conditions. There are many jerkbaits on the market, but few have as erratic darts as the Ito Vision 110.

What makes the Ito vision 110 so special?

The Vision 110‘s advanced tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System (PAT) not only fuels the Ito Vision 110’s unparalleled action and huge flashes, it also allows you to cast it like a bullet. Three Katsuage out-barb treble hooks also increase hook-setting percentages to maximize your strike to catch ratio.

When is the best time to use a Megabass lure?

During this time (especially from November to April in most U.S. waters), the Megabass Ito Vision 110 is an excellent choice for fishing points, flats, rocky banks, bluffs, and over underwater grass beds. It can also be deadly around boat docks in the heat of the Summer, and in Northern waters smallmouth bass attack this lure from Spring to Fall.