What are header cards?

What are header cards?

The header card, also referred to as a bag topper, secures the product inside the bag, provides the product’s identity and its marketing information, and offers a means of hanging the product for display.

What are bag toppers?

Header cards (or bag toppers) serve two purposes: it gives you a way to seal off poly bags so products don’t spill out, and it helps with product branding. They’re simply folded over the poly bag and are usually stapled or glued together.

How do I attach a header card?

Header card packaging is the most cost effective way to package your products! No need to purchase expensive equipment, just simply place your product in a poly bag, then attach a fold-over header card to the top of the bag using a common stapler. That’s all there is to it!

What is a backer card?

A backer card is the paper that goes above or behind your custom accessories. As the name implies, backer cards go behind your product, like custom pins. For that reason, they help transport your products safely and securely, while adding a professional touch your customers will remember.

How do you make a bag topper?

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What is a header bag?

Header bags host a separate area for your custom image at the bag’s top, creating a smoother, flatter surface to best highlight your branding. A hole in the header allows the bag to display vertically, while an optional, reinforced header can be used for larger or heavier products.

What is backer card packaging?

How do you pack pins?

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What size are Treat Toppers?

For the best quality, I would definitely reccommend printing on white cardstock. Once printed, you can trim the bag toppers and fold them in half. After they are folded, each bag topper will measure 6.5×2.25 inches. These dimensions will fit either a sandwich size Ziploc bag or a snack size Ziploc bag.

How do you make a package topper?


What is a backing card?

How big are pin backing cards?

An enamel pin backing card should be big enough to fit everything you want buyers to see and thick enough not to bend while it’s shipped and stored. The most common backer card size is 2″ x 3″ rectangle or 2″ x 2″ square. The most common thickness is either 0.5 mm or 1 mm.

What are header cards and how can I use them?

Many businesses use Header Cards to top off their merchandise bag as a simple and cost-effective form of packaging. Header Cards (or Bag Toppers) are folded in half and stapled to seal the bag. We offer custom size printing to match any product bag you may have and can also print Uneven Folded Header Cards!

Why choose custom header card printing for clear packaging?

Custom header card printing (also referred to as bag topper printing) is the ideal solution to packaging products in plastic bags, clear or otherwise. Not only are they cost-effective, they allow you to insert branding. Header cards can be punched with a hole suited for pegs or a sombrero-type hole for in-store display racks.

What is a header card or bag topper?

Header Cards (or Bag Toppers) are folded in half and stapled to seal the bag. We offer custom size printing to match any product bag you may have and can also print Uneven Folded Header Cards! Bag Toppers can be printed on both sides or just one side on Glossy or Uncoated cover stock.

What color should I print my header cards?

By default, the front of your header cards are to be printed in full-color. For the back, you have the option to print grayscale, full-color, or to leave it blank. How much does it cost to print custom header cards?