What are adventure motorcycle boots?

What are adventure motorcycle boots?

Adventure motorcycle boots are a hybrid (like everything else in the ‘adv’ genre) of off-road and touring gear. Adventure boots take their styling and protection cues from heavy duty motocross and enduro boots with multiple hard-wearing buckles, added ankle and shin protection and reinforced soles for standing on pegs.

Do Adventure Boots keep water out?

Several adventure boots are specifically designed to keep water out in all circumstances (even if you’re standing in a stream) while still being breathable. Of course, everyone’s adventures tend to be a little different, so we’ve assembled a good selection of boots to make sure that you can find something that best fits your needs.

What makes a good pair of Adventure Boots?

Any decent pair of adventure boots should be waterproof too, because when you’re caught in a rain shower or crossing a stream (or popping to the shops in the UK), you don’t want to be distracted by sodden feet. A tough upper and sturdy sole is also good – one that can grip not only pegs but a wide range of ground surfaces.

What makes the Forma Adventure Boots unique?

The Forma Adventure boots offer the comfort and flexibility of a road-going boot while tapping into off-road styling and design. The Adventure is comprised of a full grain leather upper backed by a Drytex waterproof breathable lining.

What are the TCX drifter boots?

The TCX Drifter adventure boots are similiarly styled to the Forma Adventures. The Drifters use vintage brown leather, look a tad more retro thanks to their weathered finish, include a waterproof lining, shin and ankle support, gear protection, three adjustable buckles, a velcro strap and a suede heat guard on the inside of the boot.

Are Falco’s avantour the nicest motorcycle boots on the market?

Not wanting to miss out, it appears that Falco has cottoned on, and has produced one of the nicest looking adventure motorcycle boots currently on the market, the Avantour. Designed and made in Italy, there’s no mistaking the flair that’s gone into these boots, even the name sounds sassy.