The most popular professions of the future: how not to fail

From early childhood, we ask what we want to be when you grow up. Then it grows, question wording is slightly different, but the substance remains the same. Moreover, it happens, and so when a child were relatively easy to answer this question, then as adults, fall into a stupor. In addition, the question is something important to be sure to answer.

The world and the people are arranged so that they must all be from us someone. The man – a social being, and professional, defined almost since prehistoric times, determined and will define its status in the social system. Rhode human activities – one of the first things we look for when forming an opinion about it. So, let us say -. “It’s a doctor “O” – he is the guardian.” a nice person to have, and a good person in this world is not enough. Although, of course, all depends on your ambitions.

As you know, when you sit on it and think you can also answer a very difficult question. In addition, in response to the fundamental questions of life it is a particularly important point – certainly think qualitatively, we need information about the problem sit and think… “That’s it, and we will do this product available. So, the question: to choose that job?”


What is the profession, and why is it necessary?

Work – a kind of labor rights, which presupposes the ownership of a particular set of theoretical and practical skills. The development of jobs began with those distant times when people ceased to roam around the world and began to build the first permanent settlements. This moment of appearance of the first professions time is considered. Times change, progress marches rapidly. Some professions are gone forever, replaced by new ones. In general, increasing the number of existing jobs.

Fast forward a few decades in the past, in the good old twentieth century. The age at which our grandparents almost to a man who worked in the factories. Someone would have thought that in the world today would be popular professions such as software tester, SMM specialist, copywriter, a developer. Yes, folks and he could not imagine those words. In the same position, and it are now imagine what our grandchildren to understand what profession forgotten, and that will be on top of the application, it is almost impossible.

However, do not think about the grandchildren that we did not, and think well about themselves, because to do so is not a long-term forecast, we do well.

The future work

Which professions are needed in the future? Many futurists try to answer this question. Briefly, here is a list of the ongoing work of the future, which will be the most popular by the experts’ expectations.

  • Specialists. If the twentieth century was the century of the machine, the winds – especially in the information age. Occupations associated with information technology, are increasingly popular and in demand. The modern world cannot be imagined without computers and automation, information technologies are in almost all areas of human activity, at first sight, also used very far from it. Therefore, this trend is very promising.
  • Social professions, services. Professionals working with people include providing the service. The development of the consumer society and the growth of income will determine the demand for these professions.
  • Marketer. Including specialists, goods and services for the promotion on the Internet. The current state of the economy allows, the demand for this profession, because it will be in an uncertain market and a rich stream of information companies provide for efficient and quick to provide important information about their products to the target audience.
  • Environmentalists. The modern world is approaching a point of development where they do not think that the environment was simply impossible. The development of the sector, the growth of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and ocean provide an environmental problem on one of the first places. Professional ecologist can be one of the most promising professions.

His energy experts also able to find an application. The problem of energy and alternative energy is very acute. After all, experts predict a large portion of world oil reserves could dry after half a century. Profession of energy, so urgent jobs near future.

  • Medical profession of the future. The development of medicine, in particular, one of the main directions of research has been devoted to the future. Along with the development of biology, medicine and chemistry will discover new horizons. Grow complicated transplant body – this is what we do now, the medical community to have one of the most prestigious jobs of the future, and with a high probability.
  • Creative profession of the future. By automating formerly manual replace particular chore. Thus, in the near future, all fewer people will want the system to “stamp”, and the number of people in the creative fields are used, on the contrary, increases.
  • Occupations related to manual labor. This may surprise you, but – yes. We live in the era of things along the assembly line. In addition, it is possible that in the near future, when the world’s overabundance of the same type, stamped and hand-made products patterned sole very complimented.

Of course, there are basic profession that will always be a steady demand. After the machine always, breaking down and people need somewhere to be a woman and something to eat. Moreover, the opinion that people work with each other and get sick. For such a profession as an architect, doctor, engineer, lawyer, mechanic will always be popular because of the special features, if stability is not necessary, then.


We give food to our imagination, and we list some professions that appear in the future. This is not the existing professional that occurs over the next 50 years, according to futurists have predicted. Maybe someone will work in 2116, for example, a space pilot, and someone – an engineer of the brain around the world or supervisor, Migration engineer. The world is changing, and imagine what it would be extremely interesting.

In any case, the future is uncertain. Everyone, including the exact prognosis is probably wrong. However, many truths are always true. Find a good job is much easier if you – to enjoy a first-class professional and their work. Do not just buy the money for the tests also well paid, but hated the job one day become a burden. Find a job, his life’s work, to be loved – is difficult and cannot please everyone. However, it is entirely possible. We hope to offer to take through hearing and their desires the right choice.