The philosophy of everyday life, such as we do not see

This theme, in my opinion, is a very interesting and up to date, because every day we encounter various philosophical problems, thesis dilemmas. Sometimes we have to make certain decisions and choices that are not always so simple. Every day we are surrounded by people with their world-system, with its ideas of morality and ethics, value categories. Man is basically a reasonable manner, social and communication. In the process of communication face different points of view, is an exchange of ideas about the world, and things around us. Traded in the representation of the everyday sense of the mind and emotions. We do not always pay attention, as it happens, for us it has become the norm. However, if you look deeper and think about the meaning of what surrounds us, you can see clear philosophical concepts that are active. You can see the work of theses trained there for thousands of years that are still relevant.


If we talk about the modern world, I first and foremost, the quote Samuel Butler English philosopher, writer, artist, translator, and a classic Victorian literature: “Life – is the art of removing important advantage minor circumstances”.

Modern people are the advantages to get very busy. They do it every day and every hour. You try to use every opportunity to get some benefits. People want to work, do something more benefits. Some even forget the rules of morality and violating them, not to miss their chance. Nevertheless, the significance of this statement, in my opinion, in the other. Samuel Butler calls us to learn to see the good and bright in simple things. In constant stirring people can forget everything. It ceases to notice life around. So do not know. If you remember saying VG Belinsky, many consider the philosophical aspect of “living means – to feel and think, suffer and be happy; any other life – death.” If a person ceases to feel, therefore, cease to live.

A major problem in the world today is the absence of goals other than those based on instinct to find food, sleep, shelter, few people. Previous to describe the human needs of Maslow’s pyramid has served. Currently, it is, in my opinion, it is more relevant for all people, because most in life is not only the goals remain. They are no longer important top level of the pyramid. They require no success and self-development. Often, everything is much easier and mercantile. People leave deep sense, the moral plain, goals boil down to get money and benefits that they can buy. This leads to the fact that people have no desire to live actively. For example, office staff, and many companies that spend at 12.08 hours at the workplace, in the box office, and not really looking, colleagues or to display only lose the meaning of life.

They become indifferent weight in a society that does not care norms and moral values; they do not care about the people around them. More Johann Wolfgang von Goethe spoke of this issue as follows. Give a man a purpose for living, and he will be able to survive in any situation” There is and there are many people in today’s society – Objectives. They become passive observers of life, when it should be active participants.

Another more relevant to modern life philosophical problems is a huge abundance of information, which a person receives directly from the radio and television media radio transmission. This problem in everyday life is just a philosophical, because many people cannot even guess. There are several thousand years, said Heraclitus! “Where knowingness of mind does not teach” It took many centuries, but how true this statement today, the abundance of information makes the defenseless people because they stop just thinking. What if any question you might find the answer, opinion, recommendation or anywhere in the sources of information? People become addicted to the media and essentially, transforms their lives. Instead of thinking of building a new life, to dream, they begin to live according to the model, the loss of uniqueness. World aim truth

Life is directly related to philosophy, it should simply be regarded as the truth. The examples in this paper is that the direct evidence. Such examples can give much more. Philosophers of all ages and countries have always paid attention to all aspects of human life. They spoke of being, mind, emotions, love, morals, values, because all this is part of everyone’s life. They tried to explain the logic and behavior of people, giving them the simple wisdom that they know. You just have to know and understand, and see all told the ancient sages. All this is true today. Many things changed, the world has become more advanced, scientific and Tekni progressives, the media and many other things in the face of people’s lives easier, but on the other hand, they have deprived many natural human emotions and goals that are so important for everyone and one of their own development.

It is necessary to consider the philosophical wisdom to understand it, and the world will change when people get to see not only what is from the outside, but also when he begins to understand, to feel and think differently. It – it should sound proud. You have to learn and let the culture and morality of it because it will be the future worthy of other generations. “To be a man – it means not only to have knowledge, but also to future generations that preceded make us” – words spoken by Georg Lichtenberg, the great German philosopher, scientist and publicist. I think that these words and should be completed this test because they are, in my opinion, it is best reflects something that must serve every person in my life.