Is vital sleep good for sleep apnea?

Is vital sleep good for sleep apnea?

The VitalSleep website says that the device can “help you stop snoring and start enjoying a restful” night’s sleep. Company President David Hernandez says he developed it after spending $2,000 on a custom-fit appliance that broke after a few months. Hernandez says the device is not meant to treat sleep apnea.

How does a mouthpiece stop snoring?

How Do Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces Work? Most sleep apnea mouthpieces work by moving the jaw forward. Also called jaw advancing devices (JAD) or mandibular advancement devices (MAD), these sleep apnea mouthguards increase the size of the upper airway, thus reducing the air resistance that leads to sleep apnea and snoring.

How long does vital sleep last?

one to two years
How long will the mouthpiece last? With normal use, the VitalSleep should last for one to two years.

How much does vitalsleep cost?

VitalSleep normally retails for $99.95, but is currently on sale for $69.95. VitalSleep should last a year with normal use, so you’re looking at paying less than $6/month for a better sleep. Seems reasonable to us!

Does vitalsleep really work to stop snoring?

Snoring according to research is caused by the turbulent flow of air through the upper airway. It has also been reported that that habitual snoring does affect the ability of the snorer to sleep well. VitalSleep as an anti-snoring product claims to work on improving airflow which as we have seen is the root cause of snoring.

What are some of the negative reviews of vitalsleep?

Some more negative VitalSleep reviews mentioned that the jaw adjustment process was challenging, mostly because it required the use of a hexa key. Some reviews also mentioned that customers had trouble getting used to the feel of the device in their mouths, and said it took a while for jaw soreness to fade.

How long does it take to get a vitalsleep refund?

Vitalsleep was not working for me given the shape of my mouth and teeth and I asked for a refund on their website. No answer from them for 3 days so I decided to text them directly on their website… Boom! Got a refund in 40 seconds 🙂