Is there a word publicize?

Is there a word publicize?

verb (used with object), pub·li·cized, pub·li·ciz·ing. to give publicity to; bring to public notice; advertise: They publicized the meeting as best they could.

How do you use publicize in a sentence?

call attention to.

  1. The author appeared on television to publicize her latest book.
  2. They flew to Europe to publicize the plight of the refugees.
  3. They’ve begun an advertising blitz to publicize the movie.
  4. The journal has been a good way to publicize job openings.

What is the synonym of publicize?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for publicize, like: make public, plug, tout, pitch, announce, broadcast, promulgate, advertise, expose, hype and promote.

What does the word circulate?

Definition of circulate intransitive verb. 1 : to move in a circle, circuit, or orbit especially : to follow a course that returns to the starting point blood circulates through the body. 2 : to pass from person to person or place to place: such as. a : to flow without obstruction.

What is the suffix of publicize?

The verb publicize was first used at the beginning of the twentieth century, combining public, with its Latin root of publicus, “of the people, common, or general,” and the verb-making suffix ize.

What is the noun for publicize?

publication. The act of publishing printed or other matter. An issue of printed or other matter, offered for sale or distribution.

What is the difference between publicized and published?

As verbs the difference between publicise and publish is that publicise is to make widely known to the public while publish is (intransitive): to issue a medium (eg publication).

What are things that circulate?

A ceiling fan circulates cool air around the room on a warm day. Blood circulates through your body, pumped from your heart through veins and arteries — your circulatory system — and delivering oxygen to your tissues.

What does do not circulate mean?

vb. 1 to send, go, or pass from place to place or person to person. don’t circulate the news. 2 to distribute or be distributed over a wide area.

What is the adjective of publicize?

publicizable. Capable of, or suitable for, being publicized.

Which word means almost the same as circulate?

communicate, convey, impart, pass (on), transmit.

What are some things that circulate?