Is Sylectus a good load board?

Is Sylectus a good load board?

Sylectus is not a load board. It is a darn good dispatch system that happens to have a load board as one of its features, but it’s not exactly a load board in the real sense.

How do you get Sylectus?

Qualification criteria required to become a subscriber to the Omnitracs Sylectus Alliance: You must be a trucking company with a minimum fleet size of 5 trucks. You must have valid authorities and insurance for all VIN #’s. Your company cannot only be a freight forwarder, 3PL, 4PL or logistics company.

What is Sylectus load board?

The Sylectus Alliance enables member carriers (of at least five trucks in size) to share freight with each other and access the Sylectus load board, a boon to small fleets looking for secure ways to cover loads without traditional-intermediary interference. Likewise the constant necessary vetting of unknown parties.

What is freight bidding?

Freight bidding refers to the process of submitting new requests for proposals (RFPs) to both incumbent and prospective carriers. Now, bidding has a long history, and when shippers engage in freight negotiations, both parties can win.

What is Full Circle TMS?

Full Circle TMS is transportation software that helps grow your business, maximize productivity and improve profitability by not only automating all your operational and financial activity, but also by tightly integrating you with all your key trading partners.

What is a load board?

What is a Load Board? A load board is an online marketplace or matching system that allows shippers and freight brokers to find carriers for their loads, while enabling carriers to maximize their earnings to find loads that keep their trucks full.

What is a Minibid?

The mini bid is intended to be a shortened, condensed procurement process as all contractors are pre-qualified to meet the terms and conditions. The goal of the mini-bid is to solicit the most competitive best value procurement for the Authorized User’s specific needs.

Is sylectus part of Omnitrac?

In 2011, Sylectus joined the Omnitracs family. Sylectus added a robust load board with a vetted network of brokers and carriers and a transportation management system to the Omnitracs portfolio of solutions.

Where can I find Omnitracs in Canada?

Canada Offices. Omnitracs Canada 2401 Bristol Circle, Suite No. C-100 Oakville, ON, Canada, L6H 6P1 Phone Number: 905-287-1321 Sylectus 3290 Jefferson Blvd, Suite 103 Windsor, ON, Canada, N8T 2W8 Phone Number: 519-972-1272.

Where is Omnitracs located in Dallas?

Dallas Office. Omnitracs HQ – Dallas. 717 North Harwood Street, Suite 1300. Dallas, Texas 75201. Phone Number: 469-801-6664. Sales Number: 888-627-2716.

Why choose openomnitracs?

Omnitracs improves driver satisfaction and retention with accurate and reliable technology that streamlines workflow and ensures compliance. The convergence of telematics and video provides a complete view of the vehicle and the road for both drivers and the back office. You’ll be able to exonerate drivers and boost their safety performance.