Is Realex Payments safe?

Is Realex Payments safe?

Review Summary & Our Thoughts Realex Payments rates as a reliable e-commerce merchant services provider for UK businesses. The company has a low complaint total compared to its large size and offers flexible, low-cost pricing to most merchant sizes and types.

What is Realex card payment?

One of the largest payment processing solutions in Europe, Realex is an excellent choice for both new and seasoned merchants. This payment gateway offers currency management, card storage, reporting, reconciliation and fraud management, making it a payment gateway choice you can feel good about.

Is world pay legitimate?

Worldpay has been accredited by the BBB since 2010 and currently has a C- rating. It’s normally quite unusual for a BBB-accredited company to have anything less than an A rating.

Who is Realexpayments?

Realex Payments is a European payment service provider and a division of Global Payments with offices in Dublin and London.

How do you use PayEase?

It is a secure, simple, and convenient way of paying. Please click the PayEase button on the webpage of “Pay/Send” when applying and choose the type of card you use. Then, follow the directions to make payment. For those who have not used PayEase before, you can create an account on its website.

How do I quit Worldpay?

To cancel an agreement:

  1. Log in to the Merchant Interface and select the FuturePay option from the left-hand menu.
  2. Enter the Agreement ID of the agreement that you want to cancel.
  3. Click View Agreement.
  4. Navigate to the Cancel this agreement field and click Cancel.
  5. Click Yes to proceed, or Go back to agreement to abort.

Why is Worldpay so bad?

Once again, we should make it clear that Worldpay isn’t unique – this is a common problem across the payment services industry. A lack of sales transparency and lengthy auto-renewal contracts have become the standard and this is a really poor combination for merchants.

Is Comercia Global Payments Safe?

It is duly registered in the Special Register of Payment Entities of the Bank of Spain. From Comercia we comply fully with current legislation on the protection of personal data, and with the confidentiality commitments of the banking activity.

How do I cancel global payment machine?

To power off the device, remove the terminal from its base and any power source. Press the yellow [Correction] key and the [Administrator] key simultaneously for one second.

How do I contact Worldpay?


  1. Sales: 0800 096 3997.
  2. Sales: 0800 096 3997.
  3. Support: 0345 761 6263.
  4. Support: 0345 761 6263.

How do I cancel a merchant payment?

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  1. Check your merchant account provider agreement and website.
  2. Give your merchant account provider a call.
  3. Send an official merchant account cancellation letter [samples below]
  4. Return any necessary equipment.
  5. Get confirmations for everything.
  6. Watch out for fees.
  7. Check in post-cancellation.

Who owns Worldpay now?

Worldpay, Inc.
Advent InternationalWorldpay International Limited
Worldpay Group/Parent organizations

Why choose Realex Payments?

Realex Payments has shot to the top of the European online payments game since it started in 2000. The company now boasts high-profile clients like Virgin Atlantic Airways and Vodafone Ireland, but the firm also strives to offer SMEs competitive prices and services to meet their specific needs.

Is Realex safe to use?

Negative reviews are hard to come by for Realex, which we think largely comes down to the nature of the firm. Its transparent approach to marketing and focus on online payments keep it safe from the kind of complaints you typically see about payment service firms.

What happened to Realex fire?

In August 2013, a personal payment account for consumers called Realex Fire was launched as part of Realex Financial Services Limited. Following the acquisition of Realex Payments in March 2015, Realex Financial Services Limited was renamed Fire Financial Services Limited and its product rebranded as Pay with Fire.