Is nle required for Housejob?

Is nle required for Housejob?

Upon completion of House Job in Pakistan, the person shall be required to qualify the NLE (for Foreign Graduates) prior to grant of Full License.

How can I get permanent PMDC?

(iv) After completeion of house job a doctor may apply for permanent Registration by submitting an original PMDC registration certificate with I.D. Card, photocopy of house job(one year) certificates 3-photographs (duly Attested) see instruction # 3 without any fee.

Is PMDC dissolved 2020?

On 16 September 2020, PMDC was dissolved again by a joint session of the Senate and Parliament by passing the bill to replace PMDC by PMC to ensure standard medical education in Pakistan.

Who gives NLE in Pakistan?

All the graduates who are currently doing house jobs or ready for a house job must have to clear the NLE exam for their permanent registration. Under section 19 of the ordinance, both MBBS and BDS students must have to clear the NLE exam for their permanent job and medical practice in Pakistan.

What is NLE Pakistan?

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) will be conducting Pakistan’s first professional exit examination – National Licensing Examination (NLE) at a national level. This examination is being held based on section 20 of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act No XXXIII of 2020.

Is nle compulsory for Pakistani students?

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) President Dr Arshad Taqi has said that passing the national licencing examination (NLE) is mandatory for MBBS students to start practice as a doctor.

What does PMDC stand for?


Acronym Definition
PMDC Portable Modular Data Center (IBM containerized data center)
PMDC Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation
PMDC Permanent Magnet Direct Current
PMDC Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensator (optical communications, telecommunications)

What documents are required for PMC registration?

Copy of valid CNIC 2. Two passport size Color photographs 3. Original License (previously issued) 4. Certificate of completion of House Job, duly attested by Head of Institute/M.S. or any authorized person of the PMC recognized Hospital where the House Job was completed.

What is the role of PMDC?

PMDC at a glance It was established in 1974 with an authorized capital of Rs. 1,000 million to expand and help mineral development activities in the country. It is involved in exploration and evaluation of economic mineral deposits, preparation of techno-economic feasibility reports, mining and marketing.

What is PMDC test?

PMDC Examination is conducted by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council mandatory to pass for foreign graduates in order to acquire license to practice in Pakistan. Currently PMDC exam has three parts which include Part 1 written,part 2 written and part 3 Viva.

Is nle compulsory in Pakistan?

The National Licensing Examination (NLE) is mandatory by law for the purpose of obtaining a license to practice in Pakistan. If you cant trust the graduates it means you have no trust on medical colleges standard of teaching and their exams.

Can you give Plab without NLE?

Pakistan Armed Forces cadets, on completing their graduation and pre-requisite military training and after being commissioned in the Pakistan Armed Forces, will be granted an Armed Forces provisional license. They will still need to pass NLE during their service before they can be granted the full license.