Is marble more expensive than granite?

Is marble more expensive than granite?

Granite is less expensive than marble, starting at roughly $75/square foot installed and $100 more than that for higher-end stone. Installed marble countertops start at around $100/square foot and can go over $200.

What is a cheaper alternative to marble countertops?

White Concrete. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative to marble, consider white concrete for your kitchen remodeling project. This material will brighten up your kitchen, making your space look more expansive and cleaner. White concrete can add a touch of modern industrial style to your space.

Are marble countertops really that bad?

ANSWER: A marble kitchen countertop is a potential bad idea not because it cannot do the job, but because cleaning marble and the marble maintenance required will frustrate most owners to the point they regret installing marble in the kitchen. compared to a granite or quartz countertop and…

What is the cheapest marble countertop?

Carrara Marble
Carrara Marble Prices. Carrara the most common type, making it the most affordable, sold at most countertop vendors for about $40 per square foot. Carrara is a white or blue-gray stone with soft gray veins, often with hints of gold.

What is better quartz or granite or marble?

Homeowners often turn to quartz as an alternative to not only granite and marble but materials such as solid surface as well. While quartz can closely compare with granite and marble, it is of better quality than solid surface countertops.

Which is cheaper marble or quartz?

Quartz is less expensive than marble, ranging in price from $40-100 per square foot, while marble can range in price from $50-150 per square foot.

Is quartz cheaper than marble?

What is better marble or granite?

Hardness and longevity: Granite is comparatively harder and stronger than marble. It is mostly known as the most durable natural stone and compared to marble. It is resistant to heat and can easily withstand hot cookware therefore it is perfect for kitchen tops.

Is Carrara marble real marble?

Unlike Calacatta, Carrara is the most common marble found in Italy. Calacatta is a much rarer stone and can oftentimes be seen in luxury residential and commercial properties. Carrara, Italy is the origin of true Carrara marble.

What are the cons of a marble countertop?


  • Scratches: Scratches tend to be more of an issue with polished marble.
  • Stains: This one bears repeating.
  • Repairs: Repairs on marble countertops are not simple unless the countertop is marble tile.

Is Carrara marble expensive?

A good slab of Carrara marble is going to cost anywhere from $75 to $100 per square foot before it’s installed. Conservatively speaking, you’re going to pay double what you would for Carrara marble, and the price tag may go as high as $250 per square foot.

Which is more expensive quartz or marble countertops?