Is Allen Sliwa on ESPN LA 710?

Is Allen Sliwa on ESPN LA 710?

This is a Lakers town, and Allen Sliwa is getting you closer to the team during Lakers Talk weekly on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App. No buyout for Kevin Love in Cleveland, Lauri Markkanen in 3 team trade, Rucker Park ‘Field of Dreams,’ are some of the Top NBA Stories. Lakers faithful react to the recent acquisitions.

Did the Lakers offer Kuz Kuzou and KCP to all teams?

Reports that the Lakers have offered Kuz and KCP to all teams interested. NBA Finals Game 6 tomorrow night, Devin Booker says he should never be compared to Kobe Bryant and Trae Young wants to be in Tokyo on Olympic Team are part of Top NBA Stories.

What is the best sports talk show in La?

LA’s #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA’s top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App. The Dodgers play later today, and Dave Roberts is finally sitting the slumping Cody Bellinger.