Is 68 a good ASVAB score?

Is 68 a good ASVAB score?

Conclusion: What Is a Good ASVAB Score? There are three types of ASVAB scores you’ll get: Standard Scores: Given for each subtest; 50 is average and 60 is above average.

Is 70 a good ASVAB score?

With ASVAB Standard scores, the majority of students score between 30 and 70. This means that a standard score of 50 is an average score, and a score of 60 would be an above-average score.

What jobs do I qualify for with my ASVAB score Navy?

Navy Jobs (NEC) and Your ASVAB Score

NC Navy counselor career recruiting force NC (CRF) VE+AR=104 and AR=51
ND Navy diver VE+AR=103 and MC=51
OS Operations specialist AR+2MK+GS=210 or VE+MK+CS=157
PR Aircrew survival equipmentman VE+AR+MK+AS=185 or MK+AS+AO=140

Is 67 a good ASVAB score Navy?

A 67 ASVAB is above average, not exceptional. It is good enough for most positions, however, you need a particular line score in order to get a particular position. You can consult the internet to see what is required.

Is 67 a good score?

Credit scores calculated using the FICO or VantageScore 3.0 scoring models range from 300 to 850. For FICO, a good credit score is 670 or higher; a score above 800 is considered exceptional. For VantageScore 3.0, a good score is 661 or higher, and a score of 781 to 850 is excellent.

Is an ASVAB score of 72 good?

With standard scores, the majority score is between 30 and 70. That means that a standard score of 50 is an average score and that a score of 60 is an above-average score.

What is the average score on the ASVAB for Navy?

The standardized score received by around half of the ASVAB test takers for each section is 50 or higher. Less than 20% of the test-takers earn a score of 60 or higher. Therefore, the average ASVAB score is 50.

What ASVAB score is required for Navy ma?

Navy Jobs (Rating) ASVAB Line Score Requirements

Navy Rating ASVAB Score
LS Submarine LSS AR+MK+EI+GS= 200-OR-VE+AR+MK+MC= 200
Legalman LN VE+MK=105 and VE=52-OR-VE+AR=105 and VE=52
Master-at-Arms MA AR+WK= 98 AND WK=43
Mass Communication Specialist MC VE+AR= 115ANDVE=55

Is a 66 A good ASVAB score?

Question: What is a good ASVAB score? Answer: A good ASVAB score would be a passing score, which would be anything above the minimum required score for the branch of the military that you are seeking to enlist in. For the Army, that would be any score above 31. For the Air Force, that would be any score above 36.

What do you have to score on the ASVAB to get in the Navy?

The United States Navy requires minimum ASVAB scores of 35 for active duty enlistees, although applicants for the reserve only need a 31. As with the Air Force and Marine Corps, very few applicants with a GED are accepted. These applicants must have at least a 50 on the test as well as references from their community.

What is the highest score you can make on ASVAB?

The Highest Possible Score on the ASVAB. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is used to identify qualified applicants who wish to enter the military. The highest ASVAB score is 99.

What is military job requires the highest ASVAB score?

With the exception of the Coast Guard, the Air Force has the highest ASVAB test score requirements for entry. They require candidates to have a minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score of 36 with a High School diploma, and 50 with a GED. Given the exceptional nature of their overall mission, this is not a surprise.

How do you check your ASVAB score?

Locate the number of your local recruiting office for the military branch you are most interested in. Call the recruiting office. Have your social security number ready in case the office needs it to retrieve your scores and records.