Humanitarian and technical. We are so different, but we are still together

Since the beginning of time, people have been characteristic of the classification into different groups. It all started with the tribes and tribal communities, and then he would go Maurer, Mormons, hippies and punks, goth and emo, metal, hipsters and so on. In addition, the more people, the more these same groups.

Among other things, it is assumed that all people can be divided into two broad categories. Humanitarian and technical. Moreover, the holy wars “Techies against humanitarian” flash often online.


Say, you do not tend to hang templates and shortcuts. After all, to be a humanitarian, not necessarily to love reading, and writing poetry, and knowledge of the laws of physics, do Human Techie. Everything is much more complicated. Additionally, the world is arranged so that the necessity, and these and others.

Answer the question: “Who is steeper or mental Geeks” is more or less as the deciding, “Who is steeper, Sylvester Stallone or Schwarzenegger, Arnold?”

For example, Albert Einstein, to be made in addition to the theory of relativity, and played the violin. Alternatively, remember how Solzhenitsyn, the Lieutenant Nadelashin admired the fact that the prisoners (mostly all engineers) freely discuss the art world, rather than complain about destiny. However, why should we? Actually, the fact that talented people – talented in everything, and the division of people in humanitarian and technical – a rather conditional. Nevertheless, this is the place to be. After all, people think differently, and that is a fact.

What is the difference with the humanistic geek?

Humanitarians are diplomatic and good communicators, they can easily go to the contact and prefer to choose a profession to communicate and interact with other people with respect. While techies, due to the nature of his thought, which aims to solve a particular problem, it is much more comfortable to sit in his office and write code that the amount during the press conference.

In its pure form refined, humanitarian and technical types are very rare. As we have said, to classify people in the humanities and technical sciences for the way you think – is too rough. However, their inclinations and mentality you need to know.

Finally, remember that if in principle techie line suddenly, but you need to write a paper on history, they have simply no power, you can always ask for help from our sponsors, always ready to assist, Techies, humanitarian – we are all human beings, and people should help each other.