How tall should you be to ride a YZ 85?

How tall should you be to ride a YZ 85?

Dirt Bikes Size Chart vs Age and Height

Age Body Height (Inches) Seat Height (CM)
10-12 year-olds 4’9 66-79cm
12+ years 5’2″ 79-89cm
12+ years 5’4″ 84-92cm
12+ years 5’6 86-94cm

Can an adult ride a 85 2 stroke?

If you are borrowing the bike and it had the big wheels then yes you can ride it.

What age is a YZ85 for?

The YZ85 is a great bike for all people but especially for those between the age of 9 and 14. The YZ85 has some scaled down body work for your typical YZ model. Yamaha used polypropylene for a lot of the materials such as side fenders, panes and fuel tank, which helped decrease weight and increase durability.

How tall should you be to ride a 85cc dirt bike?

Dirt Bike Size Chart (cc) vs Dirt Bike Height Chart

5’4” 162 33-36
5’6” 167 34-37
5’10” 178 35-39
6 foot 182 37.5

How tall is a 85 2 stroke?


Frame Type High-tensile steel perimeter design with subframe member
Overall Height 43.3 in
Ground Clearance 11.4 in
Seat Height 32.7 in
Curb Weight 165.3 lb*

How fast is a Yamaha YZ85?

The Yamaha YZ85 gets a 6-speed transmission and it comes with fully adjustable front and rear suspension….Top Speed Performance, & Mileage.

Power 23.49 HP
Top Speed Yamaha YZ85 top speed is 65 mph

What age is a KTM 85 big wheel for?

For 11- to 15-year-olds, the KTM 85 SX models offer a range in tire sizes (and consequently seat heights) to suit the formidable growing stage of the tween and teenage years.

How tall is a KTM 85 Big Wheel?

KTM 85 SX 19-16 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Seat Height 890 mm (35.0 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Alternate Seat Height
Ground Clearance 377 mm (14.8 inches)

Are YZ85 reliable?

Its handling is excellent, stable and reliable. And top and bottom end deliver more power than any other 85 on the market. You can’t go wrong with this bike!

Is a YZ85 a 2 stroke?

The 85cc liquid-cooled, two-stroke engine features the Yamaha Power Valve System for broad power across the rev range without losing peak power at high rpms—improving rideability and reducing the need for frequent shifting.

How tall is a KTM 85?

What size dirt bike do I need for my weight?

In general a dirt bike can carry up to 320 lbs. Someone who weighs more than 250 lbs should try riding a 250-450cc dirt bike, while a rider in 150-250 lbs would be okay riding a 250cc one.

Is the YZ Kx a good bike for a beginner?

We’ve never had a KX, but the YZ is a great bike, especially for a kid just entering the 85 class. Most of the wear items like brake pads, bearings, top end, etc.. are high quality stuff. The clutch seems to be the weak point for more aggressive riders.

Should I get a YZ 65 or KTM 85?

We put a billet basket in both the YZ 65 and 85 that really helped. The power is more bottom to mid, which also helps a new 85 rider. The price is another positive. However, to echo what Tracktor said, we just went to a KTM 85 and it’s a pretty big jump in performance. Good luck!

What do you think about the KX85?

The KX85 has been interesting. Working on it is a complete pain compared to the YZ. Parts are a bit more expensive. Not really impressed with how they are put together with stuff like no removeable subframe, no rebound adjustment on forks, etc.

When was the last time a Yamaha YZ got a new frame?

The Yamaha YZ’s last big change was in 2000 when it went from 80cc to 85cc, it got new bodywork like the big YZ’s and maybe a new swingarm and frame not sure haven’t looked too hard into that. Every year (until the 2015 model) its only update was BNG except in 2008 when it got a black frame & 2014 when it got a white rear fender.