How tall is a P78 buckshot tires?

How tall is a P78 buckshot tires?

32 inches tall
There is only one size available in 16 inch P78-16 which is 32 inches tall, 9.40 inches wide.

Who makes Buckshot wide Mudder?

The Maxxis Buckshot Mudder II is available in 22 different sizes up to 37 inches tall for wheels up to 20 inches in diameter. We mounted our 31×10. 50R15 Buckshot Mudder II tires on 5×8 aluminum wheels with no balance weights.

How tall is a P78 15 tire?

4 – Gateway Buckshot Mudders P78-15LT (32.7 X 8.5-15).

What size tire is a N78?

NEW 1st line Buckshot Wide Mudder N78-15 Bias Tire in size N78-15 is about 31×9. 50-15 which replaces 7.00×15, 235/75R15, 30×9.

Who makes buckshot?

Buckshot Mudder II MT-764 – MAXXIS US.

How big is a Q78?

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Size Q78-16
Brand Super Swamper
Rim Size 16 Inches
Tire Diameter 36

What size is a Q78 16 tire?

How big is a 255 75R15?

255/75R15 tires have a diameter of 30.1″, a section width of 10.0″, and a wheel diameter of 15″. The circumference is 94.4″ and they have 671 revolutions per mile. Generally they are approved to be mounted on 6.5-8.5″ wide wheels for passenger tires and 6.5-8″ for LT tires.

How tall is a Q78 swamper?

36.0000″ tall
It is advertised as 36″ tall and by gosh, it’s 36.0000″ tall unmounted.

What size is a Q78?

Rim Diameter: 16

SKU Size O.D.
SAM-39 32×9/16LT 32.00
SAM-40 32×9/16LT 32.00
SAM-53 Q78- 16LT 35.50
SAM-87 42×15/16LT 42.00

How much does a buckshot Mudder weigh?

Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business account with exclusive tools and savings. Login now Buckshot Mudder Buckshot 55 pounds No MT7816 8.5 Inches 16 Inches Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Does tiresquire sell Buckshot Mudder tires?

After a period of dormancy, the highly popular Gateway Buckshot Mudder makes a reappearance on the market through the company TireSquire. Among the many retail specialty tires TireSquire sells, you’ll find the Gateway Buckshot Mudder in a few popular sizes, N78-15 6 PLY BUCKSHOT MUDDER BLK TL and the P78-16 6 PLY BUCKSHOT MUDDER BLK TL.

How deep is the tread on a buckshot mud tire?

These have the deepest tread of any mud tire you can find, 28/32 tread depth. NEW 1st line Buckshot Wide Mudder P78-16 Bias Tire in size P78-16 is about 33×10.50-16 which replaces 7.50×16, 235/85R16 and 255/85R16. The tire is Load Range C (6 Ply Rated) for Light Trucks.

What are the best Mudder tires on the market?

The Buckshot Wide Mudder Tire is back in stock, formerly known as the Grip Spur Tire. If you are looking for a true mud tire, look no further! These have the deepest tread of any mud tire you can find, 30/32 tread depth. There is only two sizes available, the N78-15 in 15 inch and the P78-16 in 16 inch.