How reliable is the BMW i3 Rex?

How reliable is the BMW i3 Rex?

Reliability survey, and the German brand finished 21st (out of 31) in the overall manufacturer league table. Most parts are covered by a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, while the battery is covered for eight years or 100,000 miles.

What is the range of a BMW i3 Rex?

Based on the i3 EV, the i3 REX benefits from the model’s battery upgrade in July 2016, improving the official range to 186 miles from the previous generation’s 118 miles. On top of that, a styling refresh has seen a sharper design come through, plus the introduction of a sportier BMW i3s variant.

How much is BMW i3 Rex?

Starting at $48,300, the BMW i3 REX is nearly identical to the i3. However, it’s a plug-in hybrid with a two-cylinder gas engine, which mainly serves to quell concerns about range.

Is the BMW i3 Rex a hybrid?

Unmatched all-electric range. But that is the deal Americans get: a relatively expensive European city car which is also a plug-in hybrid and offers an all-electric range — 125 miles, or 200 km — which is far beyond anything the competitors have to offer. …

What goes wrong with BMW i3?

Most commonly the BMW i3 has steering problems which can make steering difficult or create noises while steering. Also, problems with the range extender can cause the car to not accelerate fully. Furthermore, some printed circuit board malfunction which can cause the car to shutdown.

Is BMW i3 worth buying?

Conclusion. Buying a used BMW i3 isn’t a good idea for most people, if I’m being honest. Sure, it’s cheap and you get a carbon-tubbed, all-electric BMW for very little money. However, it has an extremely low range, a small cabin, and it’s also going to suffer from pretty epic depreciation.

How long will a BMW i3 last?

How many miles with a BMW i3 last? BMW quotes an official range of 182 miles – that was amazing once but cars like the Peugeot e-208 can travel more than 200 miles and are a lot cheaper to buy. That said, with its lightweight body the i3 is economical and, on average, delivers close to that 182-mile quoted range.

Can you drive an i3 on gas only?

So does the BMW i3 REx runs on gasoline? The simple answer is NO. It is important to note that the i3 REx still uses an electric motor to move the car. Furthermore, the REx engine operates when battery capacity drops to a pre-specified level, generating electricity to extend the range.

Whats wrong with the BMW i3?

Is BMW i3 still relevant?

The BMW i3 may be an eight-year-old design, but it was so ahead of its time originally that it just about remains relevant in 2021. The range is considerably behind cars costing the same from the likes of Kia and Hyundai, and once you add options the price can be astronomical.

Was BMW i3 a success?

The BMW i3 has been a runaway success since its UK market launch in 2013. With sales growing exponentially, over 22,000 examples are now on British roads. Since 2013, over 200,000 models have been manufactured and sold worldwide making BMW i3 the world’s most successful electric vehicle in the premium compact segment.

Is a BMW i3 worth buying?

The BMW i3 is well worth considering if you’re looking for an electric car that’s easy to drive around town and has a stylish, upmarket interior. But like an iPad next to a white-label Android tablet, you’ll pay more for the i3’s sharp looks and quality than you will for its more ordinary alternatives.

What is the difference between the BMW i3 REx and i3-rex?

Unlike its all-electric counterpart, the i3 REx came with a supplementary gasoline-powered engine. Though the extra weight brought down the all-electric range compared to its non-REx counterpart, the trade-off was greater (albeit less environmentally friendly) range when running the range extender.

How many versions of the new 2019 BMW i3 are there?

2019 BMW i3 – all the numbers in one tidy post. Since the new 2019 BMW i3 was officially announced and it will be available in four versions – i3, i3 REx, i3s and i3s REx – here we gathered technical spec numbers for comparison.

Should you buy a BMW i3 range extender?

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the BMW i3 range extender is a low-output, two-cylinder engine — not powerful enough to keep even a compact car like the i3 moving with any sense of urgency. And, in fact, it doesn’t; even with the range extender running, all the power to the wheels is still coming through the electric drivetrain.

How many miles will a BMW i3 last on 50 gallons?

DON’T MISS: The ‘1,000-MPG’ BMW i3: 56,000 miles on 50 gallons of gas. That optional range extender (REx for short) is used solely to power a generator that delivers electricity to the battery and the traction motor that actually power the car.