How old is yamapi?

How old is yamapi?

36 years (April 9, 1985)
Tomohisa Yamashita/Age

Are Mike and golf twins?

Golf & Mike, more often credited in Thailand as Golf-Mike (Thai: กอล์ฟ-ไมค์), is a Thai pop duo artist consisting of brothers Pichaya “Golf” Nitipaisalkul and Pirat “Mike” Nitipaisalkul, formed under Thailand’s biggest entertainment company, GMM Grammy.

Where is yamapi now?

Yamashita is currently in Canada filming the movie The Man From Toronto, which stars Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco. The 35-year-old, who recently acted in the international thriller series The Head (2020), wrote: “I’m currently in Canada doing my best at work while living here.

Is Mike D’Angelo Thai or Chinese?

MALAYSIA [The Star] -Arguably Asia’s fastest rising star, Thai-Chinese heartthrob Mike Angelo is practically moving at the speed of light. For the 29-year-old pop idol and style icon (formerly known as Mike D’Angelo), 2019 kicked off with him winning international acclaim.

Can Tomohisa Yamashita speak English?

Yamashita Tomohisa-san, for several years already have self-studied English until he could interview a Hollywood actress in English. There’s probably a lot of people who don’t know but Yamashita Tomohisa-san is proficient in English.

What nationality is Angelo?

Pirat Nitipaisalkul/Nationality

Who is the son of Mike D Angelo?

Maxwell D. Angelo Casinghini
Pirat Nitipaisalkul/Sons

Is Yama a girl or boy?

The name Yama is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means Mountain. Also a Hebrew girls’ name meaning lake.

What languages can Mike Angelo speak?

Pirat Nitipaisalkul/Languages

Who is Sarah Casinghini?

Italian-Thai model Sarah Casinghini is fighting a losing battle as she seeks to persuade her former partner, actor Pirat “Mike” Nitipaisankul, to carry on paying support for their six year-old son, after she revealed she now had a second child by a young Ukrainian model.

Is Angelo a male or female name?


Gender Male
Language(s) Italian
Meaning “angel”, or “messenger”
Region of origin Italy

Who is Mike D’Angelo parents?

Prasai Nitipaisalkul
Pichet Nitipaisalkul
Pirat Nitipaisalkul/Parents