How often should you use OCuSOFT Lid Scrub PLUS?

How often should you use OCuSOFT Lid Scrub PLUS?

I recommend patients use a hot compress for 10 minutes and follow with the OcuSoft Lid Scrub Plus formulation once a day for two weeks.

What is the best eyelid scrub for blepharitis?

Blephadex. Blephadex is a medicated wipe that treats blepharitis caused by eyelash mites. The wipes contain a gentle eyelid cleanser, tea tree oil, and coconut oil. According to research, tea tree oil can reduce Demodex mites and help clear up blepharitis.

Do lid scrubs work?

OTC eyelid scrubs work by removing bacteria, pollen, and oily debris that’s accumulated at the root of the eyelashes. This reduces irritation and inflammation. Eyelid scrubs with certain ingredients, such as tea tree oil, also help kill eyelash mites.

Should you wash your eyelids?

Everyday Cleaning Remember, your eyelids are thin and sensitive, which is why you should only use a mild cleaning solution to clean them as well as the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. After washing your hands, moisten a washcloth with a mild cleaning solution.

What is ocusoft lid scrub used for?

OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® Original Formula is a surfactant based cleanser intended to be used on the outer eyelid and lid margins and works by removing excessive oil, debris, and desquamated skin from the eyelids. OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® PLUS offers proven antibacterial properties—killing in as little as 60 seconds!

Where can I buy ocusoft lid scrub?

OCuSOFT ® Lid Scrub ® Original is available at most national retail locations including, but not limited to Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid and Duane Reade. OCuSOFT ® Lid Scrub ® PLUS is available at CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade and many other fine retailers.

What is ocusoft lid scrub?

Ocusoft Lid Scrubs. Ocusoft Lid Scrubs are a detergent based cleanser that has been used for many years to reduce redness, swelling, burning, itchiness, irritation, and crustiness from the eyelid margins.