How much power can a 4age handle?

How much power can a 4age handle?

Registered. I’d say your fairly safe boosting a 4age to around the 190-200hp range but thats going to require spot on tuning the slightist case of detonation is going to shatter your ringlands so don’t skimp get good injectors, a megasquirt , good wideband and a great tune.

What is the difference between 4afe and 4age?

The 4A-FE is different from the 4A-GE in terms of performance and power. Although both have the same displacement and are DOHC, they were optimized for different uses. The first obvious difference are the valves, the engine’s intake and exhaust valves were placed 22.3° apart (compared to 50° in the G-Engines).

Are 4AGE engines good?

It’s not so much that the 4AGE is a really spectacular engine, it’s that it was an incredibly spectacular engine for it’s time and you could get it in what was otherwise an “economy car” at a ridiculously low price.

What is so special about the 4AGE?

The fourth-generation 4A-GE (1991 to 1995), is also the first-generation of the 20-valve ones (confused yet?). Variable Valve Timing (VVT) improved mid-range torque. Image credit. 5 valves per cylinder, variable valve timing (intake side), higher compression ratio (10.5:1).

Where can I purchase genuine Toyota OEM parts for the corolla AE82?

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When did the Toyota Corolla GT get the 4A-GE engine?

Of the three models to receive Toyota’s new 4A-GE engine, the AE82 Corolla GT (or Corolla FX) was the final car to show the new power unit off in Japan in October 1984.

Where can I find genuine parts for the AE82 Sprinter AE82?

Genuine Toyota parts for the Sprinter AE82 are now available direct from Japan. See our Toyota OEM catalogs to request and purchase parts or contact us for details.

Where can I find OEM parts for my Toyota Corolla?

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