How much money does De Jong have?

How much money does De Jong have?

Ajax. At the beginning of the season, on 22 August 2015, Ajax purchased De Jong. He signed a four-year contract, for a symbolic €1 fee which included a 10% sell-on bonus. On 23 August 2015, he was loaned back to Willem II until 31 December 2015.

Does De Jong have tattoos?

de Jong Tattoo – Does he have one? No tattoos yet for the Dutchman, not on his arms or his legs anyway! He does not really seem to be the type for having lots of ink.

Why is De Jong so good?

De Jong was touted to be a natural fit for the Blaugrana. He’s a multifunctional right-footed midfielder. He has fantastic balance and dribbling ability, while his distribution benefits from him always playing with his head up. He has a lot – acceleration, craft, control, tactical nous and sharp decision-making.

Where does Nigel de Jong live now?

In July 2019, De Jong moved to Qatari club Al-Shahania.

How tall is De Jong?

5′ 11″
Frenkie de Jong/Height

Who is Luuk de Jong brother?

Siem de Jong
Luuk de Jong/Brothers

Will De Jong leave Barcelona?

The Dutchman has started all but one game since Xavi’s appointment and the legendary Spanish midfielder has made it clear he has no intentions of selling him. “Frenkie de Jong will not leave the club,” Xavi bluntly said last week. “He’s not for sale – we consider Frenkie as a key player for Barca.”

Is it de Jong or De Jong?

De Jong is a Dutch language surname meaning “young”. It is the most common surname in the Netherlands, in 2007 represented by 86,534 people. It may also be found in the anglicized form Young or De Young.

What is De Jong number?

21FC Barcelona / Midfielder
21Netherlands national football team / Midfielder
Frenkie de Jong/Number

21 Shirt At Barcelona. Frenkie De Jong wants to continue wearing the No. 21 shirt at Barcelona as a tribute to his late grandfather.

How old is GAVI?

17 years (August 5, 2004)

How old is de LIGT?

22 years (August 12, 1999)
Matthijs de Ligt/Age

How old is frenkie Jong?

24 years (May 12, 1997)
Frenkie de Jong/Age