How much is the Powerball February 6th 2021?

How much is the Powerball February 6th 2021?

Winning numbers, live results (2/6/2021) The Powerball jackpot for Saturday’s lottery drawing has jumped to an estimated $30 million with a cash option of $22.4 million. Saturday’s winning numbers were: 1, 16, 48, 49 and 65. The Powerball drawn was 8 with a Power Play of 2X.

How much is the Powerball for January 6th 2021?

6, 2021; jackpot $410 million.

Is there a prize for 2 numbers in Powerball?

2 numbers plus the Powerball – $7 If your ticket matches two numbers and the Powerball you’ll get $7 but the odds to get there begin to skyrocket to 1 in 701.

Was winning Powerball ticket sold?

DES MOINES, Iowa — After 40 drawings without a big Powerball winner, a single ticket sold in California matched all six numbers and was the lucky winner of the nearly $700 million jackpot prize, officials said.

What were the Powerball numbers for February 5th 2021?

The winning numbers were 14, 17, 28, 29 and 44 with the Mega Ball 2 and the Megaplier 4x, according to the Mega Millions website.

Where was the winning ticket for Powerball?

Morro Bay
According to the California Lottery, the winning ticket was sold at a grocery store in Morro Bay, located along the state’s central coast. The winner will be able to choose between the annuity option paid over 29 years or the cash option of $496 million.

What was the Powerball numbers for January?

The winning numbers in the January 23 Powerball drawing were white balls 05, 08, 17, 27, 28 and Powerball 14.

What happens if you get all 5 numbers but not the Powerball?

Powerball Pay-out The only non-jackpot prize not affected by the higher Power Play multiples is the prize for matching all five numbers, which simply doubles to $2 million regardless of the size of the Power Play.

How many numbers do you need to win on the Powerball?

Then, the winning Powerball number is randomly selected from a pool of 20 balls numbered 1 to 20. To win Division 1, you need all 7 matching numbers to win in Powerball plus the Powerball number. You must match at least 2 numbers plus the Powerball number to win the lowest Powerball Division prize, Division 9.

Where was last Mega Millions won?

$108 million Mega Millions winning ticket sold in Arizona The winning ticket was sold at Desert Martini on McCulloch Boulevard in North Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The Mega Millions winning numbers drawn on Friday, Oct. 22, 2021 were: 9 – 14 – 26 – 29 – 66 and Megaball 22. The Megaplier was 3x.

Where did Powerball winners sell yesterday?

Someone is nearly $700 million richer after a winning Powerball ticket was sold in California. Monday’s jackpot-winning ticket — numbers 12, 22, 54, 66, 69 and the Powerball of 15 — was sold at a grocery store in Morro Bay, on the coast near San Luis Obispo, California Lottery said on its website.

Who won the 2021 Mega Millions?

2021. October 22, 2021 – $108 million ($75.2 million cash) won by a family in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. September 21, 2021 – $431 million ($314.4 million cash) won by Goodtimez LLC with a ticket purchased in Manhattan, N.Y.

What are the winning numbers for the Powerball lottery?

The winning Powerball numbers for Saturday, May 12, are: 22, 42, 45, 55, 56 and the Powerball of 14. The Powerball game is played by matching all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball number. The odds of picking the correct Powerball grand prize numbers are one in 292,201,338.

What do the numbers mean on the Powerball lottery?

Powerball is played by selecting six numbers – five numbers between 1-69 and one number between 1-26. Each number is on a special ball that is randomly selected by a machine during the drawing. Your ultimate goal is to match every number selected perfectly, which will win you the jackpot.

Did anyone win the Powerball?

Sadly, no one took home the Powerball jackpot, but plenty of other big prizes were handed out. There was one winner in California who bagged the second prize of $1 million. No one had the Power Play for the second prize.