How much is the Pioneer DDJ?

How much is the Pioneer DDJ?

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This item Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 – 2-deck Digital DJ Controller for rekordbox dj Software (Included), with 16 Performance Pads and 2-channel USB Interface #1 Best Seller
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Customer Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (1866)
Price $24900
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How much is a pioneer DDJ SR?

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This item Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 – 4-deck DJ Controller with 2 Track Playback Decks, 2 Sample Playback Decks, and Built-in USB Audio Interface
Price $78900 $59900
Item Dimensions 12.6 x 21.8 x 2.6 inches 13.61 x 26.61 x 2.7 inches

Is Pioneer DJ going out of business?

We reached out to a Pioneer rep and confirmed that regardless of a sale, Pioneer DJ will remain in the DJ business. “While there are market speculations over Pioneer DJ’s shareholding, our mission to continue to innovate and inspire people globally will continue in 2019 and beyond,” says Pioneer in a statement.

Is DDJ SB3 good?

The DDJ-SB3 isn’t perfect by any means, it struggles with some missing features here and there, and it’s not going to be enough for many advanced DJs. But if you’re looking for a beginner controller that can teach you a thing or two about mixing – this could be it.

How much does a DJ controller cost?

DJ Controllers can cost anywhere from $100 to about $4000 depending on the features and the quality.

Is rekordbox free with DDJ 400?

Made for dedicated use with our professional performance application, rekordbox dj (free license key included), the 2-channel DDJ-400 is designed to help you get the most from rekordbox software.

Does DDJ-SR come with Serato?

The Pioneer DDJ-SR is a two channel DJ controller that comes with Serato DJ and is fully powered by a single USB cable.

Does DDJ-SR work with rekordbox?

Can I use my Pioneer Serato / Traktor Controller with Rekordbox 6? You can use some older Pioneer DJ controllers designed for Serato and Traktor, but you will have to subscribe. These controllers include the DDJ-SB, DDJ-SB2, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX, DDJ-SX2 and DDJ-SZ.

Is Pioneer DDJ-1000 worth it?

It packs an astonishing amount of features into a high-quality package. An excellent controller for practicing your club gigs on. Also great to get familiar with what to expect in a club. If you’re looking for a Pioneer controller for Rekordbox the DDJ 1000 is the best one currently available and worth the price tag.

Is the DDJ-1000 standalone?

The DDJ-1000 has four external input terminals for DJ players and analog turntables, plus two Mic inputs. You can also use the DDJ-1000 as a stand-alone DJ mixer without connecting a PC/Mac.

Can I use rekordbox with DDJ-SB3?

The DDJ-SB3 will not be compatible with Rekordbox DJ, nor will it work with Serato DJ Intro or Serato DJ (it will only work with the new versions of Serato).

What is the best DJ controller?

If you’re looking for all-in-one and overall power, then the Pioneer DDJ-SR is the best DJ controller by far. Here’s another two-deck plus mixer DJ controller by Pioneer equipment which blows a lot of the competitors away (we could probably write an entire separate top 10 on only Pioneer DJ controllers).

What is the best controller?


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  • Rockwell
  • Fanuc
  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • Nidec
  • Schneider
  • Delta
  • Panasonic
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