How much is a Giba pass?

How much is a Giba pass?

Passenger vehicles and pick up trucks pay $6.00 for a round trip to the island. Passes are available to the public. Commercial trucks, buses, and heavy equipment pay $5.50/ axle. All large commercial vehicles must be weighed on the GIBA weigh scale and the current weight limit is 80,000 lbs.

How much is the toll to Boca Grande?

Boca Grande Causeway
Opened 1958 (original causeway & bridges) 2013-2015 (current bridges)
Toll $6 (island-bound traffic only)

Does SunPass work for Boca Grande?

Note: There are three Florida toll bridges that do not accept SunPass: Card Sound Bridge (SunPass coming March 2018) Gasparilla Bridge / Boca Grande Swing Bridge (Cash & Giba-Toll-Pass)

Where is Gasparilla Florida?

Gasparilla Island is a barrier island in southwest Florida, United States, straddling the border of Charlotte and Lee Counties. Its largest town is Boca Grande, and it is the location of the Gasparilla Island State Park.

Is Boca Grande expensive?

While Miami and Palm Beach do both tout home prices above the U.S. national average, the state’s most expensive ZIP is actually 33921, part of the village of Boca Grande, where the average home could cost you almost $2 million.

Does Boca Grande have a public beach?

Boca Grande beaches offer island visitors some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Florida. From public beaches with parking and restroom facilities to smaller more “off the beaten path” access beaches, you can find just the right Boca Grande beach for you.

Does SunPass work in Texas?

The good news about interoperability For example, Florida’s SunPass works with Georgia’s Peach Pass and North Carolina’s Quick Pass. It’s also scheduled to become interoperable with South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas this year. 1, you’ll also be able to use it on Central Florida’s toll roads.

What states accept SunPass for tolls?

SunPass PRO™ works on toll roads and most bridges in Florida plus, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Can you drive onto Gasparilla Island?

There are no roads, and therefore no cars, on the island, only a sandy cart path which allows you to traverse and explore the island by golf cart. The absence of street lights enhances the starry night sky which shines bright over LGI.

Is Gasparilla Island Nice?

It’s such a beautiful place, lovely sand, some fabulous shells, quiet, clean, warm water, stunning houses along some of the beaches. You can’t really get much more perfect than here.

Is Boca Grande worth visiting?

But Boca Grande is a favorite among the rich and famous for good reason: It’s beautiful, unspoiled and preserves an Old Florida world that may be more attractive now than it was when it was a bustling phosphate-shipping center 100 years ago.

Is Boca Grande Safe?

The rate of crime in Boca Grande is 70.11 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Boca Grande generally consider the east part of the city to be the safest.

Who is eligible to have a Giba Standard Bridge Pass account?

Any type of vehicle is eligible to have a GIBA Standard Bridge Pass Account but may not be eligible for a discount. For example, Dual wheel pick-up trucks with modified body, RV’s, commercial trucks, and trailers pay $5.50 per axle with or without a Standard account. Annual accounts expire one year from the last purchase date.

What is the Gasparilla Island Bridge Pass program?

The Gasparilla Island Bridge Pass Program (BG PASS) is designed for frequent causeway users that prefer not to pay with cash or credit card in the toll lane. This BG PASS program is offered to allow account management online. · To open a new account click Open New Account · To sign up to manage an existing Account click Look Me Up

How long does it take to process a Giba account?

New accounts take 24-48 business hours to be processed. BG Passes must be picked up in person at the GIBA administration building. Standard accounts expire one year from the last replenishment date. Option 1 – Discount Car/Pick Up Pass $97.50 – 25 trip minimum @ $3.90 per trip.

Can you use SunPass in Texas?

You cannot use SunPass on roads that accept E-ZPass in north, roads in Texas, or in California . SunPass PRO is a type of SunPass toll tag that is valid across Florida, Georgia and all the 17 states where E-ZPass is accepted.