How much is a Buell Blast worth?

How much is a Buell Blast worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,795 $1,795
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,795 $1,795
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Is the Buell Blast any good?

You will not outrun most bikes (and some maxi-scooters) or pop wheelies but speed and acrobatics are not what the Blast is all about. I’ve ridden bikes for 4 years and the Blast is a lot of fun. Test ride one before you buy it. This is a reliable bike with great brakes, quick steering and very easy to ride.

Which Buell is the fastest?

They are, however, very much a product of the man himself. The logo on the tank simply says “EBR,” and the bike is the 2014 1190RX. The $18,995 superbike, built by hand in the US, is the culmination of Buell’s decades of expertise. Its 185 horsepower makes it the fastest street bike he’s ever produced.

Is Buell coming back?

The Buell Motorcycle brand is coming back strong in 2021 with plans to have 10 different American-made motorcycle models by 2024, according to a press release from the revived company.

What CC is a Buell Blast?

491.64 cc
Buell Blast

Manufacturer Buell Motorcycle Company
Engine 491.64 cc air cooled OHV single
Bore / stroke 88.9 mm × 79.4 mm (3.50 in × 3.13 in)
Power 34 bhp (25 kW) @ 6,500 rpm
Torque 30 ft⋅lbf (41 N⋅m) @ 6,500 rpm

How much did the Buell Blast cost new?

Motorcycle Insurance:

BASE MSRP(US) $4,695.00
Dealers Buell Dealers
Warranty 24

How much horsepower does a Buell Blast have?

The Blast is powered by a reliable, 492cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that makes 34 horsepower and offers a broad powerband for easy starts and brisk acceleration, and ample power for highway riding.

How much horsepower does a Buell 1200 have?

The 1203cc Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin engine makes 103 peak horsepower at 6800 rpm, and 84 ft. lbs….

Make Model. Buell XB12R Firebolt
Induction Ø49 mm downdraft DDFI II fuel injection
Starting Electric
Max Power 86.9 kW / 103 hp @ 6800 rpm
Max Torque 114 Nm / 11.6 kgf-m / 84 ft-lbs @ 6000 rpm

Are Buell motorcycles still in business?

The last Buell motorcycle produced through Harley-Davidson was in October 30, 2009, bringing the number manufactured to 136,923. In February 2021, Buell Motorcycles announced they are back in production under the new ownership of Erik Buell Racing (EBR).

How much is a 2021 Buell Hammerhead?

1, 2021. Pricing starts at $18,995. Buell Motorcycle Co. has announced that the Hammerhead 1190 sportbike will soon go into production. The company will begin reservations on November 1, 2021, on its Buellvana online system.

How much HP does a Buell Blast have?

How many gears does a Buell Blast have?

Buell Blast

Manufacturer Buell Motorcycle Company
Power 34 bhp (25 kW) @ 6,500 rpm
Torque 30 ft⋅lbf (41 N⋅m) @ 6,500 rpm
Transmission 5-speed manual
Suspension Front: telescopic fork Rear: swingarm with single coil-over-shock unit.