How much does CyberKnife treatment cost?

How much does CyberKnife treatment cost?

At an average Medicare cost of $29,000, CyberKnife prostate treatment is not cheap. But it can be less expensive than some other radiation methods, which may cost as much as $50,000.

Which hospitals have a CyberKnife?


  • Scripps Cancer Center – San Diego.
  • San Francisco CyberKnife – San Francisco.
  • Pasadena CyberKnife – Pasadena.
  • Epic Care CyberKnife – Walnut Creek.
  • Newport Diagnostic Center – Newport Beach.
  • Genesis CyberKnife – San Diego.
  • Stanford Cancer Center – Stanford.

Is CyberKnife covered by insurance?

The CyberKnife procedure, like other stereotactic radiosurgery, is generally covered by most insurance plans as well as Medicare.

How many treatments is CyberKnife?

CyberKnife treatments are typically performed in 1 to 5 sessions. The CyberKnife System has more than two decades of clinical proof and has helped thousands of cancer patients.

How Much Does Medicare pay for CyberKnife?

The average cost to Medicare for CyberKnife prostate cancer treatment is $29,000, Saul reported. But it may be less expensive than or comparable to other radiation treatment methods, which can cost as much as $50,000.

What is the difference between radiation and CyberKnife?

Cyberknife Is More Accurate Than Traditional Radiation Therapy. Because it’s able to target diseased tissue, Cyberknife SBRT is much more accurate than traditional radiation therapy. SBRT can deliver radiation to a margin of one to five millimeters surrounding a tumor.

Is Gamma Knife the same as CyberKnife?

The Gamma Knife approach entails delivering multiple, radiation beams simultaneously to the target area or tumor location. The CyberKnife System, on the other hand, applies a single, high-energy photon beam directly to the exact target area.

How can I prepare for CyberKnife?

PREPARING FOR TREATMENT Prior to CyberKnife treatment, you will undergo a CT scan, which helps determine the exact size, shape and location of the prostate. An MRI scan also may be necessary to fully visualize the prostate and nearby anatomy.

Is CyberKnife the same as radiation?

CyberKnife is a brand name. It refers to a stereotactic body radiation therapy device that delivers radiation using advanced imaging technology.

Is stereotactic radiosurgery the same as CyberKnife?

CyberKnife is used in a type of radiation therapy called stereotactic radiosurgery (also known as stereotactic radiotherapy). This treatment destroys tumors with extremely precise, very intense doses of radiation while minimizing damage to healthy tissue, offering accuracy akin to the sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel.

Can you drive after CyberKnife treatment?

After treatment and follow-up The most common side effect is fatigue. Most of the time, patients are able to go back to their usual activities but will need someone to drive them home immediately after treatment.