How many yards do you need for a blanket scarf?

How many yards do you need for a blanket scarf?

We’re making a square blanket scarf, so we’re getting 1 ½ yards to make a square. If you’d rather a rectangle, get as much or as little as you like. If you’re using 60” wide fabric, make sure to get 2 yards for a larger square.

What material are blanket scarves made of?

flannel fabric
To make this blanket scarf, you need exactly one supply: flannel fabric. Head down to your local fabric store, and you’ll probably see three or four different flannel sections. Flannel comes in one of two widths usually—either 42″ or 60″.

What size is a blanket scarf?

Traditional blanket scarfs are usually right around 50″ square, so if you want to go that route, make sure to find 60″ wide flannel. I personally have no problem with making scarves from narrower fabric—the end result is about 41″ wide—even on my big and tall frame, the scarf still looks large enough.

How do you tie a poncho with a blanket scarf?

No. 1: Poncho Style (AKA The Rectangle Fold)

  1. Step one: Fold your blanket scarf in half, creating a rectangle.
  2. Step two: Bring one side around and tuck it snugly.
  3. Step three: Bring the other side around and tuck it snugly.
  4. Step one: Start with your blanket scarf completely open + unfolded.

How do you tie a small blanket scarf?

Here’s how:

  1. Fold the scarf across to create a triangle.
  2. Grab the two far ends of the triangle with each hand.
  3. Cross the two ends behind your head.
  4. Pull them around to the front.
  5. Tuck the two ends under the rest of the scarf, or leave them dangling to each side. It’s up to you. Style as desired.

How do you tie a blanket scarf as a poncho?

How do you make a fringe for a scarf?

On the two cut edges, take a pin and pull out one or two of the vertical threads. Start pulling them out one by one (or two by two if your fabric allows it) until you create a fringe that is long enough to your liking. The fringe on my blanket scarf is about ½” long. That’s it!

How to wear a blanket scarf?

To wear a blanket scarf, fold it into a triangle and grab the 2 ends. With the point of the triangle in front of you, cross the ends around the back of your neck. Pull them around front and either tie them or tuck them under the scarf in the front. Easy peasy, and super cozy.

How to make a monogram from a blanket scarf?

Using iron on letters like these, select the letter or letters you want in your monogram. Place the letters onto one corner of the blanket scarf, cover with enclosed plastic barrier or a soft cloth, and press with a hot iron for 30 seconds. A blanket scarf is the perfect accessory on a chilly day.

What kind of fabric do you use to make a scarf?

It has to be soft (so a brushed cotton or flannel cotton), the plaid has to be dyed all the way through the fabric so that it shows on both sides (“yarn dyed”), it has to be woven so that it has horizontal and vertical threads that can be pulled out to create a fringe, and it has to be at least 44″ wide to create a nice voluminous scarf.