How many LinkedIn users are there 2020?

How many LinkedIn users are there 2020?

740 million
With more than 740 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn’s expanded from a networking site for professionals to one of the top social media platforms.

How many users does LinkedIn have worldwide?

Welcome to LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with nearly 800 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

Which country has the most LinkedIn users?

United States
Top 45 countries by number of Linkedin members

Rank Country Members
1 United States 171,000,000+
2 India 69,000,000+
3 China 51,000,000+
4 Brazil 45,000,000+

How many people use LinkedIn in Germany?

There were 10 440 000 Linkedin users in Germany in February 2020, which accounted for 12.7% of its entire population. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (5 900 000).

Is LinkedIn still relevant 2021?

Should You Still Use LinkedIn? If someone asked me whether or not they need a LinkedIn profile in 2021, my answer would be yes and no. You’re expected to have one, and it’s good to have that presence online. So long as the information on your LinkedIn profile syncs with your resume, it’s a positive digital footprint.

Is LinkedIn owned by Microsoft?

Microsoft’s $26.2-billion acquisition of LinkedIn aimed to grow the professional networking site and integrate it with Microsoft’s enterprise software, such as Office 365. LinkedIn retained its distinct brand and culture — and also its CEO, Jeff Weiner, who began reporting to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Is LinkedIn used in Europe?

Number of LinkedIn users in each European country. Albania – 390 900, 13.3% of its entire population. Austria – 1 401 000, 15.9% of its entire population. Belarus – 547 700, 5.8% of its entire population.

Does Germany use LinkedIn?

XING – The biggest professional social network in Germany XING is the German equivalent of LinkedIn and used by over 16 million people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How many people use LinkedIn in Japan?

There were 2 862 000 Linkedin users in Japan in January 2021, which accounted for 2.3% of its entire population. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (1 800 000).

How many people use LinkedIn in USA?

As of October 2021, LinkedIn had an audience reach of 180 million users in the United States. The country was by far the leading market of the professional job networking service, with runner-up India only accounting for an audience of 81 million.

Is LinkedIn dead?

LinkedIn is not dying, after all. It’s just no longer a social network given its size. And yes, you can still reach out and connect with people, but don’t expect the world. Don’t expect everyone to respond to you.

Is LinkedIn waste of time?

LinkedIn can be very helpful for job seekers. Used poorly, it can be harmful. But it is not a waste of time.

How many people use LinkedIn in the world?

However, the region with the highest number of LinkedIn users is Asia Pacific, home to more than 201 million users. There are 110 million LinkedIn users in Latin America and 65 million in the Middle East and Africa. 2. LinkedIn Demographics: Gender

How many people are influencers on LinkedIn?

According to LinkedIn, of all its users, 180 million are senior-level influencers (LinkedIn, 2021). That makes up nearly 25 percent of its total user base. At 63 million, more than one in eight LinkedIn users are decision-makers and about 10 million are categorized as C-level executives.

How does Xing compare to LinkedIn in the European market?

Members in the range of 30-49 years of age are the largest demographic that use Linkedin. Xing has more than 18 million members which is much smaller than Linkedin’s userbase of 706 million. However, Xing’s impact on the European market more prominent.

How many people can be targeted with LinkedIn Ads?

The latest LinkedIn statistics show that as of January 2020, 663.3 million people can be targeted with LinkedIn ads (DataReportal, 2020). That represents a 1.6 percent quarterly growth of LinkedIn’s reach. Of these, the US offers the largest group of LinkedIn advertising audiences with a reach of 160 million users.