How many higher education institutions are there in Thailand?

How many higher education institutions are there in Thailand?

156 higher education institutions
Thailand currently has 156 higher education institutions (HEIs) which are divided into three categories: autonomous, public and private (explained in the next section). Currently, there are three levels of qualifications offered: lower than a bachelor-level degree, a bachelor-level degree, and a graduate-level degree.

How many universities are there in Phuket?

There are two government universities in Phuket: Prince of Songkhla University and Rajabhat University, both with undergraduate and graduate programmes. Phuket also has a number of colleges offering technical courses and vocational training.

What are the five top universities in Thailand?

Here are the best global universities in Thailand

  • Mahidol University.
  • Chulalongkorn University.
  • Chiang Mai University.
  • King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi.
  • Prince Songkla University.
  • Kasetsart University.
  • Khon Kaen University.
  • Thammasat University.

How many grades are there in Thailand?

At the age of six, education begins. It lasts for nine years, consisting of primary, prathom (Thai: ประถม) (grades P1-6), and lower secondary, matthayom (Thai: มัธยม) (grades M1-3), starting at the age of 12. Upper secondary education, grades M4-6, is also not compulsory.

How many international students are there in Thailand?

30,000 foreign students
From less than 2,000 foreign students two decades ago, Thailand now hosts some 30,000 foreign students including short-term exchange students, and is the third-most popular destination for students in Southeast Asia after Malaysia and Singapore.

How old is an 11th grader in Thailand?

School system overview

Typical age Stage Level/Grade
11 Basic education Prathom 6
12 Matthayom 1
13 Matthayom 2
14 Matthayom 3

How old is 10th grade Thailand?

Exhibit 1: The Structure of Formal Education in Thailand

Level Approximate Ages Grades
Primary Education 7–12 Grades 1–6
Lower Secondary Education 13–16 Grades 7–9
Upper Secondary Education 16–18 Grades 10–12
Higher Education