How many fire stations are in Nashua?

How many fire stations are in Nashua?

six fire stations
Today, having earned an ISO II rating, the second largest department in the state, under the command of Chief Brian Rhodes, NFR consists of 176 career members operating out of eight facilities; six fire stations, a dispatch center and a training site.

How many firefighters are in Nashua NH?


Population: 87,970 Area: 34 Sq Miles
Call Volume: 14,000 Members: 178 Full Time Work Schedule: 24 hr shifts (1-2-1-4)
Official Website – L-789 Website Frequency: multiple 800 trunk p25 frequencies 151.250 (ch.1), 154.325 (ch.2)

Can you have a fire pit in Nashua NH?

A permit is required in Nashua to kindle fire outdoors and is addressed by ordinance. Burning is allowed between the hours of 5pm and Midnight, weather permitting. Permits are issued free of charge. Seasonal burning permits are issued for Category I camp fires only and must be renewed each calendar year.

Who is the fire chief in Nashua NH?

Chief Brian Rhodes
Nashua Fire Rescue, under the direction of Fire Chief Brian Rhodes commanding a fire fighting force of 176 career members, with the following command structure: 1 Chief. 1 Assistant Chief. 4 Deputy Chiefs.

Who is the NH State Fire Marshal?

Sean P. Toomey
CONCORD, N.H. – Today, the Executive Council unanimously confirmed the appointments of Sean P. Toomey as State Fire Marshal and Director of the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Fire Safety, and Justin A.

Are fire pits legal in NH?

NO – Only burning of untreated wood, untreated pallets, campfire wood, brush, or charcoal is allowed. Wood can be NO GREATER than 5 INCHES in DIAMETER, construction or demolition materials shall not be burned. What is a “completely extinguished fire”?

Can you burn stumps in NH?

Stumps, painted or treated lumber, tires, tubes, plastics, foam rubber and shingles are some of the prohibited materials (see Department of Environmental Services, Air Resources Division Open Burning Rules).

How do you become a fire marshal in NH?

Recruits looking for a career position must then pass: Firefighter 1 training. State entrance exam….New applicants must be:

  1. 18 years or older.
  2. Able to obtain a firefighter certification.
  3. Pass the CPAT or other physical agility test.
  4. Valid driver’s license.
  5. No criminal convictions.
  6. Qualified with appropriate medical training.

How do you become a fire marshal?

To get the Fire Marshal or Fire Warden Certificate, you will need to complete the Fire Marshal Training Course is between half a day to a full-day. Candidates taking the course must be 16+ and have basic knowledge about fire safety and fire extinguishers.

How much is a fire permit in NH?

Residents of participating towns and cities can go to to review the rules for open burning and obtain a permit for campfires and bonfires of brush. The permits cost $3.

When can you burn in NH?

Permits must be obtained on the day you plan to burn. No burning is allowed between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. unless it is raining. Permits issued during rain are void if the rain stops. The fire must be extinguished at that time.

Is there a fire ban in NH?

Campfires or fires for debris or warming are no longer banned. In addition, people can now smoke in the area of public woodlands or on public trails.