How many episodes are in season 15 of Silent Witness?

How many episodes are in season 15 of Silent Witness?

12Silent Witness – Season 15 / Number of episodes

Does Amanda Burton return to Silent Witness?

Former Brookside actor Amanda Burton is to make a dramatic return to the long-running BBC drama series Silent Witness when it marks its 25th anniversary next year.

Why did Tom Ward leave Silent Witness so suddenly?

This talented group of actors defined the programme over the past decade and were well loved by the shows large and loyal audience. When Tom Ward decided it was time for him to leave Silent Witness, he left with the gratitude of everyone involved in the show for the contribution he had made to its success.

When did Harry leave Silent Witness?

Harry left the team to accept a professorship in New York, USA, at the end of Series 15.

Will Jack and Nikki get together?

Silent Witness Season 24 viewers got what they wanted in last night’s (Tuesday 5 Oct.) season finale as Jack (David Caves) and Nikki (Emilia Fox) finally got together and shared a long-awaited kiss fans have been dying for since the start.

Who is Nikki’s boyfriend in Silent Witness?

Silent Witness Nikki and boyfriend Matt Nikki is currently dating Matt Garcia, portrayed by Michael Landes. The pair got together in 2017 and are in a long distance relationship. Nikki’s boyfriend Matt worked for the US ambassador and met Nikki when an American embassy employee was found dead on UK soil.

Is Tom Ward still acting?

Tom Ward (born 11 January 1971) is a British film, stage and television actor….

Tom Ward
Spouse(s) Emily Hohler (2001–present)
Children 3

What happened to Sam Ryan?

Viewers last saw forensic pathologist Sam leave her London-based job and move back to Northern Ireland, after learning that one of her family members had been implicated in a murder. Her departure marked the end of Burton’s eight-year stint on the show, which spanned from its first episode in 1996 until 2004.

How did the last episode of Silent Witness end?

Jack and Nikki finally got together! “Jack has been so patient with Nikki, never pressured her at all, waited 8 years for her whilst being desperately in love with her, stuck by her through thick and thin,” they wrote, adding: “And now they’re finally together I’m never gonna stop talking about this #SilentWitness.”

What happened to Jack’s brother on Silent Witness?

Silent Witness episode Brother’s Keeper Jack’s brother Ryan is released from prison and comes to live with Jack and their father Conor. This leaves Jack struggling to maintain peace with his brother and keeping the secret that he might be Cara’s dad.

What happened to Thomas Lyell?

The character met his demise in the Lyell Centre after he was killed by a nerve gas which could breach charcoal respiratory suits. Thomas essentially died to save team member Jack Hodgson (David Caves), who was fighting for his life in hospital after inhaling the nerve agent known as KS79.

Is Tom Ward married?

Emily HohlerTom Ward / Spouse (m. 2001)

Who is in the cast of Silent Witness series 13?

Forensic pathologists Dr. Harry Cunningham (Tom Ward), Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Professor Leo Dalton (William Gaminara) return to BBC One next month in the fifteenth series of forensic crime drama Silent Witness. > Buy the Series 13-14 DVD boxset on Amazon.

What happened to Tom Ward in Silent Witness series 15?

Series 15 is the fifteenth series of Silent Witness. It first aired in 2012. This series was the last to star Tom Ward as Harry Cunningham, with his character leaving at the end of the series to go to America.

What is series 15 about?

Series 15 sees the trio tackle the sex grooming of underage girls, confront a female serial killer, uncover a family annihilation and investigate an exorcism.